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2006/1225-27 Astro., J. Rironkon Meeting Tokyo, Japan [Oct30]
2006/1218-21 GW 11th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop Potsdam, Germany [Oct31]
2006/1211-13 Phys. Yukawa-Tomonaga Centennial Symposium --- Progress in Modern Physics --- Kyoto, Japan [Oct31]
2006/1211-13 Astro, J Exo-Planets Science Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2006/1211-15 Astro, GR Texas Symposium XXIII Melbourne, Australia [N/A]
2006/1204-08 Astro The Suzaku Conference "The Extreme Universe in the Suzaku Era" Kyoto, Japan [Sep30]
2006/1204-06 Astro Kobe International School of Planetary Sciences 2006 Small Bodies in Planetary Systems Kobe, Japan [N/A]
2006/1127-1201 GR The 16th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation (JGRG16) Niigata, Japan [Oct6]
2006/1126-1201 GR Numerical relativity and relativistic astrophysics Quintana Roo, Mexico [N/A]
2006/1125-29 HEP Asian School of Particles, Strings and Cosmology (NasuLec) Nasu, Japan [Jun30]
2006/1125-26 HEP 2006 International Workshop: The Jubilee of the Sakata Model Nagoya, Japan [N/A]
2006/1121-22 QuantInfo., J. Quantum Information Technology Workshop Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2006/1121-24 HEP 2006 International Workshop: Origin of Mass and Strong Coupling Gauge Theories Nagoya, Japan [N/A]
2006/1121-22 Phys., J. Quantum Information Technology Kyoto, Japan [Oct10]
2006/1120-24 GR Workshop: From geometry to numerics Paris, France [N/A]
2006/1117-18 Math. J. 16th Midwest Relativity meeting & Cliff Will Birthday Symposium St.Louis, USA [N/A]
2006/1117-18 Math. J. PDEs and Phenomena in Miyazaki 2006 Miyazaki, Japan [N/A]
2006/1116-18 Phys. J. Fundamental Physics: From Yukawa and Tomonaga YITP, Japan [Oct16]
2006/1114-17 Comp. CAWSES International Workshop on Space Weather Modeling (CSWM) JAMSTEC, Japan [-]
2006/1113-17 Astro. Science with ALMA: a new era for Astrophysics Madrid, Spain []
2006/1113-17 GR Workshop on Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Paris, France []
2006/1111-12 Math. Noncommutative Geometry and Quantum Spacetime in Physics (21st Nishinomiya-Yukawa Memorial Symposium on Theoretical Physics) Nishinomiya, Japan [Oct30]
2006/1109-11 Astro, J. High-energy astrophysics and the theory of acceleration of particles Osaka, Japan [Oct13]
2006/1106-10 GR General Relativity Conference: 50 Years of FaMAF and Workshop on Global Problems in Relativity Cordoba, Argentina [N/A]
2006/1106-08 Math. J. Non-linear wave equations: Theory and Numerical Analysis Fukuoka, Japan [N/A]
2006/1104-10 GR Finsler extensions of Relativity Theory Cairo, Egypt [N/A]
2006/1101-03 Math. Workshop on Global Integrability of Field Theories and Applications GIFT 2006 Daresbury, UK [N/A]
2006/1101-03 Astro. East-Asia Numerical Astrophysics Meeting (EANAM2006) Daejeon, Korea [N/A]
2006/1030-1101 Math. J. Mathematical Aspects and Applications of Wave Phenomena Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2006/1026-28 Cosm. 10th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2006: Physics of The Early Universe Confronts Observations: WMAP 2006 Paris, France [N/A]
2006/1014 GR Andrew Chamblin Memorial Conference Cambridge, UK [Oct1]
2006/0925-29 Cosm. COSMO 2006 Conference UCDavis, USA [N/A]
2006/0919-20 Comp. J Next Generation Super-Computers Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2006/0918-29 GR Brane-world gravity: Progress and problems Portsmouth, UK [N/A]
2006/0918-22 Astro The Sixth Microquasar Workshop Como, Italy [N/A]
2007/0920-23 Phys. J JPS: Japan Physical Society, 2006 Fall Meeting Nara, Japan [N/A]
2006/0912-16 HEP, J String Theory and Quantum Field Theory Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2006/0910-23 GR, Astro Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [N/A]
2006/0911-14 Phys Eighth International Symposium "Frontiers of Fundamental Physics" Madrid, Spain [N/A]
2006/0910-23 Astro. The XII Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation (BSCG) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [N/A]
2006/0907-09 Phys Maxwell 150 Years On - the impact of his science, A Maxwell Year 2006 Event Aberdeen, UK []
2006/0906-14 Astro US National Virtual Observatory Summer School 2006 Aspen, USA []
2006/0904-08 GR XXIX Spanish Relativity Meeting Palma de Mallorca, Spain [Jun15]
2006/0904-07 GR XVII SIGRAV Conference Torino, Italy [Jun15]
2006/0904-05 Astro, J. Primordial Stars Tokyo, Japan [-]
2006/0829-0908 Astrophys. 2nd International Summer School on Astroparticle Physics (NIJMEGEN06) Arnhem, The Netherlands [ ]
2006/0829-0901 Phys., Comp. Conference on Computational Physics Gyeongju, Korea [ ]
2006/0824-26 GR Quantum Gravity in the Americas III PennState, USA [ ]
2006/0823-25 HEP, J. Thermal Quantum Field Theory YITP, Japan [ ]
2006/0818-20 GR Unruh/Wald Fest Vancouver BC, Canada [ ]
2006/0816-17 Astro. IAU XXVI General Assembly: the present and future prospects of pulsar astronomy Prague [May15]
2006/0808-23 Astro. SUSSP61: Neutrinos in Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology St Andrews, Scotland [-]
2006/0806-11 Astro. MPA/ESO/MPE/USM Joint Astronomy Conference : Heating vs. Cooling in Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies Garching, Germany [Mar15]
2006/0801-03 HEP, J. Nuclear Physics [Lecture Note] KEK, Japan []
2006/0731-0804 Astro. 2006 Durham Cosmology Conference "Cosmic Frontiers" Durham, UK []
2006/0731-0803 HEP Particle Physics Progresses 2006[Lecture notes] YITP, Japan []
2006/0724-27 HEP, J. Summer School: Hyper-Nuclear Physics [Lecture Note] KEK, Japan [N/A]
2006/0731-0804 Astro., J. Virtual Observatory Summer School in Japan 2006 NAO, Japan [N/A]
2006/0730-0818 Cosm Benasque 2006 Workshop on Modern Cosmology Benasque, Spain [N/A]
2006/0723-29 GR Eleventh Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity: MG11 Berlin, Germany [Mar15]
2006/0720-21 GR AAPT/LIGO Topical Conference/Workshop Syracuse, USA [N/A]
2006/0720 Astro, GR Galaxy Redshift Surveys of the Future Portsmouth, UK [N/A]
2006/0717-21 GR New Frontiers in Numerical Relativity AEI, Germany [N/A]
2006/0714-16 Astro Third International ASTROD Symposium on Laser Astrodynamics, Space Test of Relativity and Gravitational-Wave Astronomy Beijing, China [N/A]
2006/0711-15 GR IRGAC2006: 2nd International Conference on Quantum Theories and Renormalization Group in Gravity and Cosmology Barcelona, Spain [N/A]
2006/0709-14 Comp. Physics and Astrophysics of Supermassive Black Holes Santa Fe, USA [N/A]
2006/0702-05 Comp. CTAC'06 : The 13th Biennial Computational Techniques and Applications Conference Townsville, Australia [N/A]
2006/0629-0702 GR New Developments in Gravity (NEB XII) Nafplio, Greece [N/A]
2006/0626-0713 GR, Cosm The 22nd IAP colloquium on Inflation Paris, France [N/A]
2006/0625-0701 GR 1st Stueckelberg Workshop Pescara, Italy [N/A]
2006/0623-25 GR, J Gravity and Quantum Hakone, Japan [May15]
2006/0622- GR XVIIIth Petrov School on Recent Problems in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics "Volga'18-2006" Kazan, Russia [N/A]
2006/0619-23 GR Sixth International LISA Symposium NASA Goddard, USA [N/A]
2006/0605-06 Cosm. Bayesian Methods in Cosmology Sussex, UK [N/A]
2006/0605-16 GR Third Summer School in Gravitational Wave Astronomy Texas, USA [N/A]
2006/0531-0608 GR International School on Astrophysical Relativity "John Archibald Wheeler": 1st Course: Developments of 50 Years in Astrophysical Relativity: Frame-Dragging, Gravitational-Waves and Gravitational Tests ?? [N/A]
2006/0530-31 GR Gravitational waves, radio pulsars and astrometry: Testing gravity in the next decade Birmingham, UK [N/A]
2006/0529-0602 Phys Planck'06, 9th European Meeting "From the Planck scale to the electroweak scale" Paris, France [N/A]
2006/0527-0602 GR Gravitational Wave Advanced Detector Workshop (GWADW) Isola d'Elba, Italy [N/A]
2006/0525 GR Classical and Quantum Gravity Scientific Meeting London, UK [N/A]
2006/0522-26 GR Virgo Ego Scientific Forum on Gravitational Wave detection Virgo, Italy [N/A]
2006/0522-24 GR From Quantum to Cosmos: Fundamental Physics Research in Space Washington, D.C., USA [N/A]
2006/0517-19 Astro KASI-APCTP Joint Workshop: Origin, Propagation and Interaction of Energetic Particles (4th Korean Astrophysics Workshop) Daejeon, Korea [N/A]
2006/0514-19 Astro 363rd Heraeus-Seminar on Neutron Stars and Pulsars Bad Honnef, Germany [N/A]
2006/0512-13 GR 90th Anniversary of General Relativity Warsaw, Poland []
2006/0506-11 GR Astrophysical Applications of Numerical Relativity Workshop Guanajuato, Mexico [Feb20]
2006/0505-06 GR Atlantic Canada General Relativity Regional Meeting Fredericton, Canada [Feb20]
2006/0410-12 Astro Cosmology, galaxy formation and astro-particle physics on the pathway to the SKA Oxford, UK [N/A]
2006/0404-05 GR Britgrav 6 Nottingham, UK [N/A]
2006/0404-05 Comp, J. Next Generation SuperComputer Tsukuba, Japan [N/A]
2006/0330-31 GR Gravitational waves, radio pulsars and astrometry: Testing gravity in the next decade Birmingham, UK [N/A]
2006/0327-404 GR, HEP The 2006 Trieste Spring School on Superstring Theory and Related Topics Trieste, Italy [Jan10]
2006/0327-30 Phys. J JPS: Japan Physical Society, 2006 Spring Meeting Matsuyama, Japan [N/A]
2006/0324-25 GR The Ninth Eastern Gravity Meeting MIT, USA [N/A]
2006/0317-18 GR The Second Gulf Coast Gravity Conference Florida, USA [N/A]
2006/0313-14 HEP, J KEK theory workshop: Field theory and String theory KEK, Japan [N/A]
2006/0306-10 Astrophys., J Lectures for Grad. Students: Frontiers of Astrophysics Hokkaido, Japan [Feb4]
2006/0303-10 GR Workshop and discussion meeting on black holes, spacetime singularities and cosmic censorship Mumbai, India [N/A]
2006/0303-04 GR Workshop and discussion meeting on black holes, spacetime singularities and cosmic censorship UCSB, USA [N/A]
2006/0302-06 GR International Conference on Gravitation, Cosmology and Astrophysics: dedicated to 90th anniversary of K.P. Staniukovich Moscow, Russia [N/A]
2006/0302-03 Astrophys, J. International Symposium on Cosmochemistry and Astrophysics Kobe, Japan [N/A]
2006/0301-04 Astro., J. Spacecraft Dynamics Kashima, Japan [N/A]
2006/0227-0301 HEP, J QCD and Hadrons, new developmentsslides uploaded KEK, Japan [N/A]
2006/0222-24 Astrophys International Workshop on Energy Budget in the High Energy Universe Kashiwa, Japan [N/A]
2006/0222 GR IOP Gravitational Physics Group Meeting IOP, UK [N/A]
2006/0213-14 Phys., J. Symposium, Light and Physics Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2006/0206-08 Comp Phys. J. Computational Physics via high performance computers slides uploaded Tsukuba, Japan [N/A]
2006/0206-11 GR School "Current Mathematical Topics in Gravitation and Cosmology" Ladek Zdroj, Poland [N/A]
2006/0206-07 HEP, J Field theory, String theoryslides uploaded Osaka, Japan [N/A]
2006/0112-13 GR RAS - IoP Joint LISA meeting London, UK [N/A]
2006/0107-09 GR, J The 7th Workshop on Singularity Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2005/1225-31 GR A.K. Raychaudhuri Memorial School on Cosmology and the Very Early Universe Pune, India [N/A]
2005/1225-27 GR, Astro, J Rironkon Symposium: Frontier of High Energy Astrophysics YITP, Kyoto [Oct31]
2005/1219-22 HEP, J. KEK Winter School 2005 slides uploaded KEK, Japan [N/A]
2005/1219-21 GR Developing and Extending Einstein's Ideas Cairo, Egypt [N/A]
2005/1214-17 GR The tenth annual Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop (GWDAW-10) Brownsville, USA [N/A]
2005/1212-16 GR Einstein Constraint Equations Cambridge, UK [June30]
2005/1201-02 Phys., J Economical Physics II Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2005/1128-1202 GR The 15th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2005/1123-26 GR The VII Asia-Pacific International Conference on Gravitation and Astrophysics (ICGA7) Jhongli, Taiwan [N/A]
2005/1116-18 Phys. J. Micro to Macro Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2005/1114-18 GR School on Spectral Methods: Application to General Relativity and Field Theory Meudon, France [N/A]
2005/1109-10 Astro Workshop on 'Panoramic near-Infrared Astronomy' Edinburgh, UK [N/A]
2005/1102-04 GR Numerical Relativity 2005: Compact Binaries NASA/GSFC, USA [Sep20]
2005/1020-21 GR Geometry and the Universe Stony Brook, USA [N/A]
2005/1014-16 GR The 15th Midwest Relativity Meeting and a Festschrift for John Friedman Oakland Univ, USA [N/A]
2005/1013-15 GR, The AMIGOS Workshop : LISA Data Analysis Development planning Pasadena, USA [N/A]
2005/1010-14 GR, HEP Loops '05 AEI, Germany [N/A]
2005/1004-07 GR Australia-Italy workshop on gravitational wave detection Australia [N/A]
2005/0926-29 GR Einstein-Woche: International Conference on General Relativity Jena, Germany [N/A]
2005/0922-27 GR, HEP Cosmic Strings and Fundamental Strings Paris, France [N/A]
2005/0921-23 Cosm Physics of the Early Universe: recent advances Madrid, Spain [N/A]
2005/0920-24 GR, HEP Cosmological Landscape: Strings, Gravity and Inflation KIAS, Korea [N/A]
2005/0920-23 GR BritGrav 5: The 5th British Gravity Meeting Oxford, UK [N/A]
2005/0912-16 GR Constrained Dynamics and Quantum Gravity 05 Sardinia, Italy [N/A]
2005/0906-10 GR the XXVIII Spanish Relativity Meeting (ERE2005) Oviedo, Spain [N/A]
2005/0901-06 Cosm Pomeranian Workshop in Fundamental Cosmology Pobierowo, Poland [N/A]
2005/0901-03 Astro The Third 21COE Symposium : Astrophysics as Interdisciplinary Science Waseda, Japan [May31]
2005/0828-0901 Cosm COSMO 05 : Cosmo International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology Bonn, Germany [N/A]
2005/0822-24 GR 100 Years of relativity Sao Paulo, Brazil [N/A]
2005/0821-27 GR Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences: Global General Relativity Cambridge, UK [N/A]
2005/0819-23 HEP String Theory and Quantum Field Theory Kyoto, Japan [Jun30]
2005/0818-19 GR New Directions in Numerical Relativity Southampton, UK [Apr30]
2005/0811-18 HEP Summer Institute 2005 Fuji, Japan [N/A]
2005/0726-29 Astro The 9th Asian-Pacific IAU Regional Meeting (APRIM-2005) Bali, Indonesia [N/A]
2005/0718-23 GR IV Mexican School of Astrophysics "EMA05" Michoacan, Mexico [N/A]
2005/0718-23 GR Albert Einstein Century International Conference Paris, France [Apr15]
2005/0711-15 GR Beyond Einstein: Physics for the 21st century Bern, Switzerland [N/A]
2005/0711-15 GR GRID Summer Workshop 2005 Brownsville, USA [N/A]
2005/0711-14 GR 8th Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction Southampton, UK [N/A]
2005/0708-09 GR, HEP 16th Workshop: Foundations, Constructive and Background Independent Aspects of QFT AEI, Germany [N/A]
2005/0707-08 GR Theory and Experiment in Quantum Gravity Durham, UK [N/A]
2005/0704-09 GR XXIst IAP Colloquium: Mass Profiles & Shapes of Cosmological Structures Paris, France [N/A]
2005/0704-07 GR Moscow International Meeting: Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory Moscow, Russia [N/A]
2005/0704-09 GR, cosm IAP meeting: Mass Profiles and Shapes of Cosmological Structures Paris, France [Apr23]
2005/0704-29 GR, cosm Post-YKIS2005 scientific program on Gravity and Cosmology Yukawa, Japan [N/A]
2005/0630-0702 GR 9th Paris Cosmology Colloquium: Physics of the Early Universe Confronts Observations Paris, France [N/A]
2005/0627-0701 GR YKIS2005: The Next Chapter in Einstein's Legacy Yukawa, Japan [N/A]
2005/0626-0710 GR Workshop on Quasilocal Mass Beijing, China [N/A]
2005/0626-0702 GR Fourth International Symposium on Experimental Gravitation Kazan, Tatarstan [N/A]
2005/0620-26 Math The Sixth International Conference : Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics Kiev, Ukraine [N/A]
2005/0621-23 GR Pulsar Timing Array -- A Nanohertz Gravitational Wave Telescope PSU, USA [N/A]
2005/0621 GR Workshop on Surveys of Dark Energy Portsmouth, UK [N/A]
2005/0620-24 HEP Progress in the Particle Physics 2005 -- beyond the hierarchy of the standard model -- Kyoto, Japan [May10]
2005/0620-24 GR 6th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves Okinawa Japan [N/A]
2005/0620-24 Astro The 59th Yamada conference: "Inflating horizon of particle astrophysics and cosmology" Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2005/0613-24 GR Summer School in Gravitational Wave Astronomy Texas, USA [N/A]
2005/0607-11 GR Physics in the 21st Century -- 100 Years after Einstein's "Annus Mirabilis" Zurich, Switzerland [N/A]
2005/0606-08 GR The Legacy of Supergravity Rome, Italy [May20]
2005/0604-06 GR Einstein Symposium Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2005 Alexandria, Egypt [N/A]
2005/0602-03 GR Second International ASTROD Symposium on Laser Astrodynamics, Space Tests of Relativity and Gravitational-Wave Astronomy Bremen, Germany [N/A]
2005/0530-0601 GR Lasers, Clocks, and Drag Free: Key Technologies for Future Exploration in Space Bremen, Germany [N/A]
2005/0529-0618 GR LISA Data: Analysis, Sources, and Science Aspen Center for Physics 2005 Summer Workshop Aspen, USA [N/A]
2005/0523-27 GR The fourth edition of the Virgo/EGO/Sigrav school on gravitational waves Virgo, Italy [N/A]
2005/0519-21 GR The 11th Canadian Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics Vancouver, Canada [N/A]
2005/0519-21 GR GravStat: Statistics for Gravitational Wave Data Analysis PennState, USA [N/A]
2005/0518-20 Astro Dark Matters Brussels, Belgium [N/A]
2005/0517-21 GR SIGRAV05 School on Relativistic Binaries Como Lake, Italy [N/A]
2005/0428-30 GR Quantum Gravity Workshop Univ.of New Brunswick, Canada [N/A]
2005/0425-28 GR String Cosmology Workshop Nordita, Denmark [Mar25]
2005/0410-14 Physics New trajectories in physics in the 21st Century Warwick, UK [N/A]
2005/0405-08 GR Geometry and Physics After 100 Years of Einstein's Relativity : 10 Years Albert Einstein Instituteslides uploaded AEI, Germany [N/A]
2005/0329-0402 GR Spacetime in Action: One hundred years of Relativity Pavia, Italy [N/A]
2005/0325-26 GR The 21st Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting Oregon, USA [N/A]
2005/0324-27 Phys, J Japan Physical Society meeting Chiba, Japan [N/A]
2005/0322-24 GR, Cosm The Origin of the Primordial Density Perturbation Lancaster, UK [N/A]
2005/0318-19 GR 8th Eastern Gravity meeting Winston-Salem, NC, USA [N/A]
2005/0314-28 GR Numerical Relativity, ApplesWithApples 3 Cordoba, Argentine [N/A]
2005/0314-18 GR Black Holes V: Theory and Mathematical Aspects Alberta, Canada [N/A]
2005/0312-14 GR The Dark Side of Extra Dimensions Alberta, Canada [N/A]
2005/0309-15 GR 7th International Conference on the History of General Relativity Tenerife, Spain [N/A]
2005/0303-05 HEP, J EK Theory Meeting 2005 "Particle Physics Phenomenology" KEK, Japan [N/A]
2005/0302-04 Astro International Workshop on Particles and Radiation from Cosmic Accelerators Chiba, Japan [N/A]
2005/0222-24 HEP, J Non-equilibrium dynamics in the QCD phase transitions Yukawa, Kyoto [Dec28]
2005/0216-19 GR, J The 4th TAMA Symposium Osaka, Japan [N/A]
2005/0214-16 HEP International workshop "Windows on New Paradigm in Particle Physics" Sendai, Japan [N/A]
2005/0214-15 Phys The fundamental constants of physics, precision measurements and the base units of the SI London, UK [N/A]
2005/0213-18 GR 339th WE Heraeus Seminar: - Special Relativity -- Will It Survive the Next 100 Years? Potsdam, Germany [N/A]
2005/0211-12 GR First Gulf Coast Gravity Conference Brownsville, Texas [N/A]
2005/0202-04 Astro, J Supernova and high energy astrophysics Tokyo, Japan [Jan17]
2005/0128-29 GR, J Singurality and Spacetime Nagoya, Japan [N/A]
2005/0128-29 Astrophys, HEP The 1st International Forum of the ORIUM COE Program, Nagoya University Nagoya, Japan [N/A]
2005/0120-26 GR GR-12-RUS 12 Russian Gravitational Conference - International Conference on Gravitation, Cosmology and Astrophysics Kazan, Russia [N/A]
2005/0121-25 GR Relativistic Coordinates: Reference and Positioning Systems Salamanca, Spain [N/A]
2005/0116-22 GR 2005 Aspen Winter Conference on Gravitational Waves Aspen, USA [N/A]
2005/0112-14 HEP, J CP violation and Matter and anti-matter asymmetry Yukawa, Kyoto [N/A]
2005/0111-14 GR International Conference on Relativity (ICR-2005) Amravati, India [N/A]
2005/0110-14 GR Twistor-String Theory Oxford, UK [N/A]
2004/1225-27 Astro,GR, J Rironkon Symposium: Astronomy Next Generation Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2004/1221-22 Phys. Workshop on Dynamical Symmetry Breaking Nagoya, Japan [Dec7]
2004/1216-18 HEP, J Quantum Field Theory Yukawa, Kyoto [N/A]
2004/1215-23 HEP International Workshop on String Therory (ISM04) Khajuraho, India [N/A]
2004/1215-18 GR The 9th annual Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop (GWDAW-9) Annecy, France [N/A]
2004/1214-17 GR Focus Week Quantum Gravity and Quantum Information Cambridge, UK [N/A]
2004/1213-17 Astro, GR Texas Symposium Stanford, USA [N/A]
2004/1212-13 HEP Physics via LHC experiments Yukawa, Kyoto [N/A]
2004/1210 Math Complex Geometry and String Theory Nagoya, Japan [N/A]
2004/1209-10 Astro, GR 8th Paris Cosmology Colloquium : WMAP and the Early Universe Paris, France [N/A]
2004/1208-10 Phys, J. Quantum Chaos and Non-linear dynamics Yukawa, Kyoto [N/A]
2004/1129-1203 GR JGRG14: The 14th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation Yukawa, Kyoto [N/A]
2004/1129-1201 Math, J Numerical Analysis in 21st century Kyoto [N/A]
2004/1121-27 GR VI Mexican School on Gravitation and Mathematical Physics "Approaches to Quantum Gravity" Quintana Roo, Mexico [N/A]
2004/1110 Astro, GR IOP meeting on dark energy Sheffield, UK [N/A]
2004/1104-06 Astro Origins: From First Objects to Extrasolar Planets Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2004/1101-02 Astro Yukawa Symposium: Origin of Stellar Objects Nishinomiya, Japan [N/A]
2004/1027-30 GR Imagining the Future: Gravitational Wave Astronomy PennState, USA [N/A]
2004/1015-16 GR 14th Midwest Relativity Meeting Wisconsin - Milwaukee, USA [N/A]
2004/1008-09 GR 150th anniversary of the birth of Henri Poincari Brussels, Belgium [N/A]
2004/0928-1001 HEP DESY Theory Workshop 2004 on Particle Cosmology Hamburg, Germany [N/A]
2004/09 Astro, J Japan Astronomical Society meeting Iwate, Japan [N/A]
2004/0927-30 Phys, J Japan Physical Society meeting Kouchi, Japan [N/A]
2004/0923-25 GR XXVII Spanish Relativity Meeting (ERES2004) Madrid, Spain [N/A]
2004/0921-24 HEP Lattice QCD simulations via International Research Network Izu, Japan [N/A]
2004/0920-25 GR Gravitational Wave Astronomy : School on "Structure and dynamics of compact objects" AEI, Germany [N/A]
2004/0920-23 GR Testing the Equivalence Principle in Space and on Ground Pescara, Italy [N/A]
2004/0917-21 Astro, GR Cosmo International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology -- Cosmo04 -- Tronto, Canada [N/A]
2004/0915-17 GR BritGrav4 Meeting Oxford, UK [N/A]
2004/0913-17 Math The 10th International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics and Applications Osaka, Japan [Feb15]
2004/0913-16 GR 16th Sigrav Conference on General Relativity and Gravitational Physics Salerno, Italy [N/A]
2004/0907-10 GR Looking for a Needle in a Haystack: how to extract a gravitational wave signal from the detectors data Roma, Italy [N/A]
2004/0906-07 GR Current Themes in Quantum Gravity: A Two-day Conference in Honour of the 60th Birthday of Chris Isham Imperial College, UK [N/A]
2004/0901-03 GR New Trends in Particle Physics and Cosmology Sheffield, UK [Aug01]
2004/0826-22 GR Kerr Fest Roy Kerr's 70th birthday: Black Holes in Astrophysics, General Relativity & Quantum Gravity New Zealand [N/A]
2004/0816-22 HEP ICHEP'04 : 32nd International Conference on High Energy Physics Beijin, China [N/A]
2004/0810-13 GR Number, Time and Relativity Moscow, Russia [May1]
2004/0804-07 HEP Third Meeting on CPT and Lorentz Symmetry Indiana, U.S.A. [N/A]
2004/0801-07 Math, GR New Geometry of Nature: Mathematics, Physics, Geophysics & Astronomy Irkutsk, Russia [Jun1]
2004/0726-30 Astro High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy Heidelberg, Germany [N/A]
2004/0725-0806 GR The eleventh Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation (BSCG) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [Feb28]
2004/0719-23 Astro 8th International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos Vancouver, Canada [Apr2]
2004/0718-24 GR GR17 symposium Dublin, Ireland [Mar19]
2004/0717 GR, Cosm Malcolm MacCallum's 60th birthday London, UK [Jul02]
2004/0716-24 HEP NuFact04: 3rd International School on Neutrino Factories and Superbeams Tokyo, Japan [??]
2004/0713-16 HEP, J QFT 2004 YITP, Kyoto [May28]
2004/0712-16 GR The 5th LISA symposium ESTEC, The Netherlands [N/A]
2004/0629-0702 HEP, J YITP Workshop 2004: Progress in Particle Physics YITP, Kyoto [May11]
2004/0628-0703 GR, Cosm Sixth Alexander Friedmann International Seminar on Gravitation and Cosmology Corsica, France [??]
2004/0621-25 Astro MPA/ESO/MPE/USM Joint Astronomy Conference :: Growing Black Holes: Accretion in a Cosmological Context Garching, Germany [Mar1]
2004/0621-25 Astro, Comp SPI GRID Summer Workshop Texas at Brownsville, USA [May 1]
2004/0621-24 Astro Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation Glasgow, UK [N/A]
2004/0618-0702 Astro 20th IAP colloquium on Cosmic Microwave Background physics and observation Paris, France [Apr1]
2004/0617-23 HEP SUSY2004: The 12th International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions Tsukuba, Japan [May7]
2004/0617 GR Malcolm MacCallum's 60th birthday London, UK [N/A]
2004/0611-12 GR 7th Eastern Gravity Meeting Brunswick, Maine [N/A]
2004/0610-11 Comp. Phys., J Computational Science Researches Tsukuba, Japan [Jun1]
2004/0607-18 GR Summer School in Gravitational Wave Astronomy Brownsville, Texas [Mar15]
2004/0607-11 Astro IAU Colloquium 196: Transits of Venus: New Views of the Solar System and Galaxy Preston, UK [N/A]
2004/0602-06 GR 11th Hellenic Relativity Meeting Lesvos, Greece [N/A]
2004/0531-0601 Astro Santa Clara 2004. 1st International Workshop on Gravitation and Cosmology Santa Clara, Cuba [Mar14]
2004/0524-28 GR 3rd VIRGO-EGO-SIGRAV School On Gravitational Waves Cascina (PI), Italy [N/A]
2004/0520-22 Astro, GR Making Waves with Intermediate-Mass Black Holes PennState, USA [Apr19]
2004/0519-21 Astro Planetary Nebulae Beyond The Milky Way Garching, Germany [N/A]
2004/0513-15 GR Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Blackholes and Naked Singularities Milano, Italy [Jan31]
2004/0512-14 GR, HEP Solvay Seminar : Workshop on Higher Spin Gauge Theories Brussels, Belgium [N/A]
2004/0512-15 GR Beyond Einstein: From the Big Bang to Black Holes Stanford, USA [May1]
2004/0503-07 GR Nonperturbative Quantum Gravity: Loops and Spinfoams Marseille, France [N/A]
2004/0429-0501 GR Cactus Retreat Louisiana, USA [N/A]
2004/0415-17 GR, Math International Workshop on Global Analysis Ankara, Turkey [Dec31, mac1105]
2004/0406-07 GR "Britgrav IV", the 4th British Gravity Meeting (postponed: 22-23 March 2005) Nottingham, UK [??]
2004/0405-06 HEP Physics Simulation for LHC KEK, Japan [Mar12]
2004/0331-0403 HEP The 18th Spring School on Particles and Fields National Tsing Hua Univ, Taiwan [N/A]
2004/0327-30 Phys, J Japan Physical Society meeting Fukuoka, Japan [N/A]
2004/0326-27 GR 20th Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting Caltech, USA [Mar18]
2004/0322-24 Astro, J Japan Astronomical Society meeting Nagoya, Japan [N/A]
2004/0318-20 GR Evolutions in Numerical Relativity Florida, USA [Feb1]
2004/0318 Astro, J High Energy Astrophysics ICRR, Japan [N/A]
2004/0316-18 HEP, J KEK Theory Workshop 2004 KEK, Japan [Jan31]
2004/0312-16 Astro IAU Colloquium 195 :: Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters: Intense Life in the Suburbs Torino, Italy [Feb1]
2004/0305-07 Phys Tohoku Unversity, The 21st Century COE Program COE International Symposium : Exploring New Science by Bridging Particle-Matter Hierarchy Sendai, Japan [N/A]
2004/0303-07 GR Loops and Spinfoams Marseille, France [N/A]
2004/0301-05 Astro IAU Colloquium 222 :: The Interplay among Black Holes, Stars and ISM in Galactic Nuclei Gramado, Brasil [Jan10]
2004/0301-05 GR, Math 319th WE-Heraeus-Seminar :: "Mathematical Relativity: New Ideas and Developments" Bad Honnef, Germany [??]
2004/0301-03 HEP, J KEK Theory Meeting 2004 : Particle Physics Phenomenology KEK, Japan [N/A]
2004/0223-25 HEP, J Fujiwara Seminar: Neutrino Mass and Seesaw Mechanism KEK, Tsukuba [Jan31]
2004/0219 Phys, J. QUICS Sendai 2 : Quantum Information and Computing Seminar in Sendai 2 Sendai, Japan [-]
2004/0218 HEP Institute of Physics, Gravitational Physics Group Annual General Meeting London, UK [-]
2004/0217-19 HEP Multi-quark Hadrons; four, five and more? YITP, Kyoto [Jan5]
2004/0215-21 GR 2004 Aspen Winter Conference on Gravitational Waves and their Detection Aspen, USA [Nov15]
2004/0212-14 GR, J Gravitational Wave Winter School YITP, Kyoto [Jan16]
2004/0211-15 HEP The 5th Workshop on "Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin" (NOON2004) Tokyo, Japan [Dec15]
2004/0209 Comp, J Computational Physics by CP-PACS 2003 Tsukuba, Japan [Jan15]
2004/0128-30 HEP, J Hadron Physics and Lattice QCD KEK, Tsukuba [Jan15]
2004/0117-19 Astro Hawaiian Gravitational Microlensing Workshop Hawaii, USA [Nov26]
2004/0108-12 HEP, J Sapporo Winter School in Niseko '04 Hokkaido, Japan [Dec10]
2004/0107-09 GR Fourth Australasian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation Melbourne, Australia [Sep30]
2004/0106-08 Astro, J Rironkon :: Origin 2004 Kyoto, Japan [Nov20]
2004/0105-10 GR Fifth International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology (ICGC-2004) Kochi, India [Aug31]
2004/0104-10 GR MIAMI WAVES 2004:: Conference on Geometric Analysis, Nonlinear Wave Equations and General Relativity Miami, USA [Aug31]
2003/1224-26 HEP, J Fundamental Problems and Applications in QFT Kyoto, Japan [Nov20]
2003/1217-20 GR The 8th annual Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop (GWDAW) Wisconsin, USA [N/A]
2003/1219-21 GR, J Singularities and Space-time Keio U., Japan [Nov14]
2003/1214-15 GR Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Building Bridges: Inaugural Meeting of the CGWA Brownsville, Texas [N/A]
2003/1208-10 Astro Gamma-Ray Bursts RIKEN, Japan [Nov8,tennet3047]
2003/1208-09 Phys, J YITP 50th anniversary symposium Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2003/1204-05 HEP 18th Nishinomiya-Yukawa Memorial Symposium on Strangeness in Nuclear Matter Kobe, Japan [Nov10,sgl2101]
2003/1201-12 GR Numerical Relativity: Formulation Problem II Mexico [N/A]
2003/1201-04 GR The 13th workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation in Japan Osaka, Japan [Oct31]
2003/1127-28 HEP Komaba2003 -- Recent Developments in Strings and Fields: In memory of Bunji Sakita -- Proceedings Uploaded Tokyo U, Japan [Nov20]
2003/1126-28 Astro, J High Energy Astrophysics Osaka U, Japan [Oct17,tennet]
2003/1121 GR The second Dennis Sciama Memorial Lecture: "Cosmology and Local Physics" Oxford, UK [mac1105]
2003/1117-19 HEP, Astro OMEG03 : Origin of Matter and Evolution of the Galaxies RIKEN, Japan [Sep28]
2003/1112-15 HEP FUSION03: From a Tunneling Nuclear Microscope to Nuclear Processes in Matter Sendai, Japan [Mar31]
2003/1112 Astro, J Kyoto Prize Symposium: Astro-magneto-hydrodynamics and Solar Activities Kyoto, Japan [-]
2003/1109-10 education, J 21 century Science Education Tokyo, Japan [Oct30]
2003/1106-08 GR The Second Gravitational Wave Phenomenology Workshop PennState, USA [N/A]
2003/1104-07 GR, Astro 6th RESCEU International Symposium "Frontier in Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology" Tokyo, Japan [Sep20]
2003/1030-31 GR Mini Workshop on Brane World TIT, Japan [Oct7, sg-l 2046]
2003/1029-31 GR, HEP AEI Symporium :: Strings meet Loops AEI, Germany []
2003/1028-31 GR Stellar-Mass, Intermediate-Mass, and Supermassive Black Holes Kyoto, Japan [Aug31]
2003/1017-20 Astro Globular Clusters and Gravitational Waves PennState, USA [Sep1]
2003/1017-18 GR 13th Midwest Relativity Meeting Michigan, USA [N/A]
2003/1015-17 HEP, J New direction of particle physics (TEA03) --from theoretical, experimental and astrophysical aspects--- Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2003/1015 Comp, J High Performance Computing with Special-Purpose Computer RIKEN, Japan [-]
2003/1011-12 GR Peter Gabriel Bergmann Memorial Symposium Syracuse, USA [N/A]
2003/1006-09 GR VI International Conference on Gravitation and Astrophysics of Asian-Pacific Countries (ICGA-2003) Seoul, Korea [Aug15]
2003/1001-02 Astro, J HEAPA: 4th workshop Nagoya, Japan [tennet2917]
2003/0929-1003 Astro 28th International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves (IRMMW2003) Shiga, Japan [Mar31]
2003/0925-27 Astro, J Japan Astronomical Society meeting Ehime, Japan [Jul4]
2003/0917-20 HEP, J Summer School Particle Physics Sendai, Japan [Jul12]
2003/0917-19 Math, J The 2003 annual conference of the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Kyoto, Japan [Jun20]
2003/0915-26 GR Advanced School and Conference on Sources of Gravitational Waves Trieste, Italy [Apr15]
2003/0913 Astro, J Astrobiology Tokyo U, Japan [tennet2919]
2003/0912-14 GR The third UK BRITGRAV Lancaster, UK [May30]
2003/0911-13 GR 27th Spanish Reltivity meeting: Gravitational Radiation Alicante, Spain [Jul25]
2003/0909-12 Phys, J Japan Physical Society meeting Miyazaki, Japan [June8]
2003/0909-11 Astro, J ALMA Slide Updated NAO, Japan [tennet2875]
2003/0903-05 GR, Cosm Bilbao Workshop on Brane Cosmology Basque, Spain [??]
2003/0901-10 GR The Third Ulyanovsk International School-Seminar UISS-2003 "Problems of Theoretical and Observational Cosmology" Ulyanovsk, Russia [May15]
2003/0901-10 GR Mathematics of Gravitation II Warsaw, Poland [N/A]
2003/0822-23 Astro, J Science Seminar 2003: New Eyes to searth the Universe Tokyo, Japan [Aug5]
2003/0821-22 Astro, J Astronomical educational meeting Gunma, Japan [??]
2003/0820-22 HEP, J Quantum Theory of Thermal Field Kyoto, Japan [Jun30]
2003/0816-22 all Symmetry Festival Budapest, Hungary [Jan31]
2003/0812-19 HEP Summer Institute 2003 Fujiyoshida, Japan [June30]
2003/0810-15 GR Seventh Hungarian Relativity Workshop Sarospatak, Hungary [June30]
2003/0807-09 GR Numeric and analytic properties of the vacuum Einstein equations Tuebingen, Germany [N/A]
2003/0804-08 Phys, J Physics and Society Hayama, Japan [July4]
2003/0805-08 HEP, J QFT 2003 YITP, Kyoto [Jun20]
2003/0731-0807 Astro, HEP The 28th International Cosmic Ray Conference Tsukuba, Japan [Mar16]
2003/0728-0802 Math International Congress of Mathematical Physics (ICMP XIV) Lisbon, Portugal [??]
2003/0722-25 HEP,J Progress in Particle Physics YITP, Japan [May26]
2003/0721-0801 GR Graduate Summer School on General Relativistic Hydrodynamics Vancouver, Canada [Apr15]
2003/0721-24 HEP International Symposium on Color Confinement and Hadrons in Quantum Chromodynamics - Confinement 2003 - RIKEN, Japan [N/A]
2003/0720-26 GR Tenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [May2]
2003/0717-20 Math Oporto Meetings on Geometry, Topology and Physics Oporto, Portugal [Apr30]
2003/0715-19 HEP Lattice 2003: The XXI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory Tsukuba, Japan [?]
2003/0715-16 Phys, J Economy and Physics Yukawa, Kyoto [May30]
2003/0713-26 Astro IAU XXV or IAU 217 Sydney, Australia [Apr30]
2003/0707-11 Math The 5th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics Sydney, Australia [Nov29]
2003/0706-11 GR 5th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves Pisa, Italy [-]
2003/0706-11 HEP Strings 2003 Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2003/0706-11 GR 5th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves Pisa, Italy [May10]
2003/0630-0703 GR Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory Moscow, Russia [Mar1]
2003/0627-28 Astro Woman in Astronomy Caltech, USA [N/A]
2003/0623-29 GR Eotvos Graduate Course in Physics: Common Trends in Cosmology and Particle Physics Lake Balaton, Hungary [Apr15]
2003/0623-29 Math Fifth International Conference: Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics Kiev, Ukraine [May22]
2003/0623-27 GR Gravitation, Cosmology and Relativistic Astrophysics Kharkov, Ukraine [Mar15]
2003/0623-27 GR Hyperbolic Models in Astrophysics And Cosmology Cambridge, UK [Mar31]
2003/0623-25 GR YITP workshop: Sixth Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction in General Relativity Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2003/0622-0703 GR XVth Petrov School (Summer School-Seminar on Recent Problems in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics "Volga'15-2003") Tatarstan, Russia [Mar1]
2003/0615-20 Astro Cosmology with the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Nagano, Japan [May30]
2003/0608-12 GR CGPG: Gravitation: A Decennial Perspective PennState, USA [Jan-]
2003/0602 GR Recent Activity on Numerical General Relativity Cambridge, UK [May19]
2003/0528-31 GR 10th Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics Guelph, Canada [=]
2003/0529-31 Astro First Stars II PSU, USA [=]
2003/0526-30 Astro A Comprehensive International Symposium on Cosmic Dust Colorado, USA [=]
2003/0526-0606 HEP Physics at TeV Colliders Les Houches [=]
2003/0524-28 GR Black Holes IV: Theory and Mathematical Aspects Ontario, Canada [Apr24]
2003/0522 Cosm, J CMBR and Cosmology ICRR , Japan [=]
2003/0521-23 Comp, J The 32nd Numerical Analysis Symposium 2003 Hakone, Japan [Apr20]
2003/0512-0711 GR Gravitational Interaction of Compact Objects ITP, USA [Apr2002]
2003/0512-14 GR Gravitational Interaction of Compact Objects Santa Barbara, US [N/A]
2003/0512 GR, J DECIGO informal meeting slides uploaded NAO, Japan [N/A]
2003/0424-26 GR The Astrophysics of Gravitational Wave Sources Workshop Maryland, USA [Feb24]
2003/0417-25 GR,Astro The 2nd Thai School on Cosmology Bangkok, Thailand [??]
2003/0405-08 GR APS Spring Meeting Philadelphia, USA [Feb28]
2003/0331-0404 Math Multiphase Fluid Flows and Multi-Dimensional Hyperbolic Problems Cambridge, UK [Nov29]
2003/0329-30 GR The 6th annual East Coast Gravity Meeting Maryland, USA [N/A]
2003/0328-31 Phys, J Japan Physical Society meeting [ program] Sendai, Japan [Dec1]
2003/0324-28 Math Mathematical Theory of Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws Cambridge, UK [Nov29]
2003/0324-26 Astro, J Japan Astronomical Society meeting Sendai, Japan [-]
2003/0320-22 HEP The 3rd International Workshop for Comprehensive Study of the High Energy Universe - Toward Very High Energy Particle Astronomy - (VHEPA-3) ICRR, Japan [free]
2003/0318-20 HEP, J KEK theory KEK, Japan [Jan31]
2003/0317-18 HEP, J LHC physics: High Energy Frontier YITP, Japan [Jan30]
2003/0317-23 GR Renormalization Group and Anomaly in Gravitation and Cosmology Ouro Preto, Brazil [Dec15]
2003/0313-14 Astro, J Astro-Nuclear Physics slides uploaded RIKEN, Japan [Feb28]
2003/0306-08 Astro, J N-body 2003: over the resonance Izu, Japan [Feb14]
2003/0306-07 Astro, J JASMINE workshop NAO, Japan [free]
2003/0305-08 Comp The Eighth International Symposium on Simulation Science -New Methodology of Science in the 21st Century- Sokendai, Japan [Jan15]
2003/0304-05 HEP, J Origin of Mass, SUSY Tsukuba, Japan [Feb10]
2003/0303-06 Math Zeta Functions, Topology and Quantum Physics Oosaka, Japan [--]
2003/0303-05 Astro First Generation Objects in the Universe Tsukuba, Japan [Feb10]
2003/0301-02 GR PriceFest 2003 Utah, USA [Feb12]
2003/0228-0301 GR 19th Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting Utah, USA [Feb12]
2003/0226-28 Astro, J N-body simulation spring school NAO, Japan [Feb12]
2003/0224-28 HEP KIAS Winter School for Particle Physics: Neutrinos Seoul, Korea [??]
2003/0224-26 HEP International Symposium on Hadron Spectroscopy, Chiral Symmetry and Relativistic Description of Bound Systems Tokyo, Japan [??]
2003/0220-22 Astro, J Neutrino and Supernova slides uploaded Tokyo, Japan [Jan20]
2003/0220 Comp, J CP-PACS 2003 Tsukuba, Japan [Jan15]
2003/0217-19 Astro, J Cosmic Weather Toyohashi, Japan [Jan24]
2003/0217-19 Astro, J Black-Hole Astronomy YITP, Japan [Jan15]
2003/0217 Comp, J ITBL symposium Tokyo, Japan [need]
2003/0214 GR RAS Gravitational Wave meeting London, UK [N/A]
2003/0210-14 HEP NOON2003: International Workshop on Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin Kanazawa, Japan [N/A]
2003/0210 Astro, J Preflare, PreCMEphenomena Nagoya, Japan [tennet 2649]
2003/0206-07 GR, J 3rd TAMA symposium ICRR, Chiba [over]
2003/0202-08 GR ASPEN Winter Conference On Gravitational Waves Gravitational Wave Advanced Detectors Workshop (GWADW) Aspen, USA [Oct31]
2003/0130-0201 GR, J Gravitational Waves and its around slides uploaded Kyoto, Japan [Dec20]
2003/0117-18 GR APCTP : Winter School of Gravitation and Cosmology slides uploaded Korea [N/A]
2003/0115-17 GR, J Singularity and its around TIT, Japan [Dec6]
2003/0115 Comp, J Grid Computing WG 2nd Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2003/0106-10 GR HEP, J Extra Dimensions and Brane-World Yukawa, Japan [Nov28]
2003/0106-10 Astro, HEP, GR Tokyo-Adelaide Joint Workshop on Quarks,Astrophysics and Space physics Tokyo, Japan [Nov28]
2003/0101-0430 GR Caltech Gravitational Wave Source Simulation: Initial Data Problem Caltech, USA [Dec31]
2002/1226-27 HEP, J String workshop Rikkyo U, Japan [sgl 1668]
2002/1224-26 Astro, J 15th Rironkon: 2002 Simulation Astronomy slides uploaded NAO, Japan [Nov28]
2002/1220-21 GR, J Gravitational Wave Informal Meeting Kyoto, Japan [free]
2002/1218-20 HEP, J The 3rd Quantum Field Theory: Funtamentals and Applications Kyoto, Japan [Nov8]
2002/1217-19 GW The 7th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop slides uploaded Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2002/1211-14 GR The 22nd meeting of the Indian Association for General Relativity and Gravitation (IAGRG) Pune, India [Nov1]
2002/1210-13 HEP International Workshop (SCGT 02) ``Strong Coupling Gauge Theories and Effective Field Theories'' Nagoya, Japan [N/A]
2002/1209-13 Astro Texas in Tuscany:: XXI Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics Florence, Italy [Oct31]
2002/1203 General, J On relations between Scientists and Journalists NAO, Japan [Nov29, tennet2259]
2002/1202-05 GR CGWP: Stellar Populations and Gravitational Wave Observations PSU, USA [Oct1] [mog19]
2002/1126-30 HEP International Workshop on Qunatum Field Theory and Noncommutative Geometry Tohoku U., Japan [N/A]
2002/1125-28 GR The 12th Japan GRG workshop Tokyo, Japan [Oct25]
2002/1125-26 Astro,J HEAPA 3rd workshop RIKEN, Japan [tennet2501]
2002/1124-29 GR Fifth Mexican School (DGFM) The Early Universe and Observational Cosmology Q. Roo, Mexico [N/A]
2002/1122 HEP, J the 10th Cosmic Neutrino workshop ICRR, Japan [free]
2002/1120 Comp, J Earth Simulater simposium ESC, Japan [-]
2002/1118-21 GR CGWP: Astrophysical Massive Black Hole Coalescence PSU, USA [Sep15] [mog19]
2002/1115-16 String YITP Workshop: ``Development of Superstring Theory'' Kyoto, Japan [Oct6]
2002/1113 GR IoP, Gravity : Brane-World Gravity London, UK [Mac]
2002/1112-15 Phys Waseda International Symposium on Fundamental Physics ---New Perspectives in Quantum Physics--- Tokyo, Japan [Aug31]
2002/1112-13 String The 17th Nishinomiya-Yukawa Memorial Symposium String Theory Nishinomiya, Japan [N/A]
2002/1105-06 HEP, J Physics of QCD Many Body Systems RIKEN, Japan [Oct11]
2002/1105-06 Astro Extremely High Energy Cosmic Rays RIKEN, Japan [?]
2002/1101-03 Astro National Academy of Sciences Colloquium of the "Challenges to the Standard Paradigm: Fundamental Physics and Cosmology" Irvine, California [N/A]
2002/1030-1102 Astro, J High Energy Astrophysics: Theoretical Aspects Tokyo, Japan [Oct5] [tennet]
2002/1030-1101 Comp, J HPC meeting 2002 Kobe Japan [Oct11]
2002/1028-30 GR CGWP: Source Simulation and Gravitational Wave Data Analysis PSU, USA [Sep1] [mog19]
2002/1023-25 Comp The Third LCI International Conference on Linux Clusters: The HPC Revolution 2002 FL, USA [Sep30]
2002/1020-25 Astro Carnegie Observatories Centennial Symposium I : Coevolution of Black Holes and Galaxies Pasadena, California [-]
2002/1018-19 GR, J Gravitational Wave Informal Meeting Kyoto, Japan [-]
2002/1010-19 Astro 34th COSPAR Scientific Assembly The Second World Space Congress Houston, USA [Aug16]
2002/1010-12 GR Joint Fall meeting of APS, AAPT, NSHP see also APS Brownsville, TX, USA [Sep13]
2002/1007-09 HEP Chiral Restoration in Nuclear Medium Kyoto, Japan [-]
2002/1007-09 Astro, J Japan Astronomical Society meeting Miyazaki, Japan [-]
2002/0930-1101 GR Caltech Gravitational Wave Source Simulation: Formulations of the Evolution Equations Caltech, USA [Dec31]
2002/0927-28 GR The 12th Midwest Relativity Meeting Chicago, USA [N/A]
2002/0925-28 Astro The Universe viewed in Gamma-rays Kashiwa, Japan [N/A]
2002/0930-1002 Field, Math, J Field theory: Theories and Applications Kyoto, Japan [Aug16] [sg-l 1428]
2002/0930-1002 Particle PaNic02: Particles and Nuclei International conference Osaka, Japan [Apr]
2002/0927-29 Particle 2nd International Workshop on Nuclear and Particle Physics At 50-GeV PS Kyoto, Japan [Apr]
2002/0927-28 GR 12th Midwest Relativity Meeting Chicago, USA [N/A]
2002/0925-28 GR The Universe viewed in gamma-rays Kashima, Japan [Aug1]
2002/0922-24 GR 26th Spanish Relativity Meeting Menorca, Balearic Islands [June30]
2002/0921 GR Classical and Quantum Gravity London, UK [?]
2002/0921-23 Math, J. Summer school2002: Non-commutive geometry and mathematical physics Tokyo, Japan [-]
2002/0917-20 Astro Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era: 3rd Workshop Rome, Italy [June30]
2002/0917-20 GR Topics in Mathematical Physics, General Relativity, and Cosmology : 75th birthday of Jerzy F. Plebanski Mexico City [?]
2002/0916-17 GR, Cosm. The Relativistic Universe Portsmouth, UK [?]
2002/0913-16 Phys, J Japan Physical Society meeting [ program] Tokyo, Japan [Jun9]
2002/0911 Comp., J. Fujitsu Grid Computing Tokyo, Japan [Sep9]
2002/0909-11 Phys., J. Quantum Chaos: Theories and Experiments Yukawa, Kyoto [July10, sg-l 1410]
2002/0907-18 Cosm. International School of Astrophysics Daniel Chalonge The Early Universe and The Cosmic Microwave Background: Theory and Observations Palermo-Sicily [N/A]
2002/0907-15 QG Quantum Gravity and Random Geometry Hellas, Greece [N/A]
2002/0905-07 Astro. Fourth International Workshop on New Worlds in Astroparticle Physics Faro, Portugal [May31]
2002/0904-06 Astro. X-ray Surveys, in the light of the new observatories Santander, Spain [June1]
2002/0904-06 Comp. The Third International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies (PDCAT'02) Kanazawa, Japan [Feb20]
2002/0909-14 Cosm 2nd ISPM Workshop on Particles&Cosmology Modern trends in Gravity, Cosmology and Particle Physics Tbilisi, Georgia [-]
2002/0909-11 Quant., J Quantum Chaos: Theories and Experiments YITP, Kyoto [-][sg-l 1562]
2002/0902-06 HEP, J Particle Physics Summer School Kyoto, Japan [July5]
2002/0906-10 Cosm SIGRAV school: `From the Hubble length to the Planck length' Rome, Italy [June15]
2002/0902-5 HEP, J Particle Physics Summer Institute Kyoto, Japan [July5]
2002/0828-30 Astro, J Gamma-Ray burst Kyoto, Japan [-][tennet2425]
2002/0826-0920 Comp Second Helmholtz-Institute Summer-School on "Scientific Supercomputing in Climate Research" Potsdam, Germany [May15]
2002/0826-30 Phys EPS-12: General Conference, Trends in Physics Budapest, Hungary [Apr5]
2002/0825-28 Comp Conference on Computational Physics 2002 (CCP2002) San Diego, USA [Feb]
2002/0821-23 HEP, Astro, J TEA (Theoretical-Experimental-Astronomical Particle Physics) 02 Slides Uploaded Kyoto, Japan [-]
2002/0819-24 HEP, Astro Third Tropical Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology Neutrinos, Branes and Cosmology San Juan, Puerto Rico [-]
2002/0811-17 GR, Phys An international colloquium on the science of time Venice, Italy [Aug02]
2002/0807-08 Field, J Thermal Quantum Field Theory Kyoto, Japan [-][sg-l 1478]
2002/0731-0801 HEP, J YITP workshop on Flavor mixing, CP violation and Origin of matter Kyoto, Japan [-]
2002/0729-0823 GR Les Houches 2002 Summer School : Accretion Discs, Jets and High Energy Phenomena In Astrophysics Les Houches, France [Mar4]
2002/0729-0810 GR 50 years of the Cauchy problem in General Relativity Slides Uploaded Corsica, France [Dec31]
2002/0723-26 HEP, J QFT Yukawa, Kyoto [May31]
2002/0724-31 HEP ICHEP 2002: High Energy Physics Amsterdam Amsterdam [-]
2002/0722-27 Phys International Conference on Theoretical Physics Paris, France [Apr15]
2002/0719-24 GR The 4th international LISA symposium Report by Dr. Nagano PSU, USA [June10]
2002/0715-20 GR Strings 2002 Cambridge [-]
2002/0715-20 GR Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and Cosmology: 60th birthday of Remo Ruffini Rome/Pescara, Italy [-]
2002/0712-15 GR, Math XIth Oporto Meeting on Geometry, Topology and Physics Oporto, Portugal [Apr30]
2002/0710-12 Comp. Geometric Modeling and Processing RIKEN, Japan [-]
2002/0708-12 Math Jaos Bolyai Conference on Hyperbolic Geometry Budapest, Hungary [-]
2002/0708-11 HEP, J Progress in Particle Physics Slides Uploaded Yukawa, Kyoto [May21]
2002/0708-11 GR, Phys Physics and Industry Working Together: The 15th Biennial Congress of the AIP Sydney [-]
2002/0708-12 Astro 7th International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos VII Fuji, Japan [Mar31]
2002/0705-06 Astro Numerical Simulations in Astronomy 2002 Slides Uploaded Tokyo, Japan [Mar31]
2002/0704-05 memorial Dominique Vautherin (1941-2000) Orsay, France [-]
2002/0702-05 Astro IAU 8th Asian-Pacific regional meeting Slides Uploaded Tokyo, Japan [Mar31]
2002/0701-10 GR GRG 11 Theoretical and experimental problems of GRG and Internal workshop Gravity, strings and quantum field theory Tomsk, Russia [N/A]
2002/0701-05 GR, Cosm On the nature of Dark Energy Paris [Apr1]
2002/0626-29 GR Sixth International Conference on the History of General Relativity Amsterdam [Jan15]
2002/0624-27 Astro 2nd Korean Astrophysics Workshop: Formation and Interaction of Galaxies Pohang, Korea [Apr15]
2002/0624-29 GR IMA & CGWP: Numerical Relativity UMN, USA [??, mog19]
2002/0622-0703 GR Volga 2002: Petrov school Tatarstan, Russia [Mar31]
2002/0618-20 GR, Cosm Cosmoseismology and Entropy Perturbations Portsmouth, UK [N/A]
2002/0617-23 HEP SUSY02: The 10th International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions DESY, Germany [N/A]
2002/0612-14 Comp, J The 31st Numerical Analysis Symposium 2002 Izu, Japan [Apr20]
2002/0611-15 Cosm. International School of Astrophysics Daniel Chalonge High Energy Astrophysics for and from Space Paris, France [N/A]
2002/0610-11 GR BritGrav 2 Queen Mary, UK [N/A] [MM0202]
2002/0601-0831 GR Caltech Gravitational Wave Source Simulation: Quasi-Adiabatic Evolution Caltech, USA [Dec31]
2002/0601-06 QG EuroConference on Supersymmetry, Gravity and Quantum Cosmology Bad Herrenalb, Germany [Mar12]
2002/0531-0602 GR CGWP: 5th Capra Workshop on Radiation Reaction in GR PSU, USA [May21][mog19]
2002/0527-0601 Astro Microquasars and their Relation to other Relativistic Jet Sources in the Universe Cargese, Corsica, France [Jan30]
2002/0527-31 Earth 2002 Japan Earth and Planetary Science Joint Meeting Tokyo, Japan [-]
2002/0519-26 GR Gravitational Wave Advanced Detectors Workshop La Biodola, Isola d'Elba (Italy) [-]
2002/0513-24 GR Workshop on Comparison of Formulations of Einstein's equations for Numerical Relativity Slides Uploaded Mexico City, Mexico [-]
2002/0513-16 Astro Mass-losing Pulsating Stars and their Circumstellar Matter Sendai, Japan [N/A]
2002/0509 GR, J DECIGO informal meeting slides uploaded NAO, Japan [-]
2002/0423-26 Astro Matter and Energy in Clusters of Galaxies Taiwan [N/A]
2002/0405-06 GR Elston Relativity & Gravitation Symposium, and the East Coast Gravity Meeting Daytona, FL [N/A]
2002/0329-30 GR 18th Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting UC Davis, USA [N/A]
2002/0329-30 GR CGWP: Astrophysical Initial Data Problem PSU, USA [N/A] [mog19]
2002/0328-30 Astro, J Japan Astronomical Society meeting Ibaraki, Japan [Jan4]
2002/0324-27 Phys, J Japan Physical Society meeting Shiga, Japan [Dec2]
2002/0320-23 GR Workshop to Create Source Working Groups for Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors LSU, USA [N/A]
2002/0320 Astro Numerical Astronomy NAO, Tokyo [x] [tennet2295]
2002/0319 GR William Hamilton Symposium LSU, USA [N/A]
2002/0318-20 Astro, J Star Sapporo, Japan [Mar8] [tennet2285]
2002/0318-20 Field, J KEK theory 2002: SUSY dynamics Slides Uploaded Tsukuba, Japan [Jan31]
2002/0318-19 GR Black Holes, Gravitational Lenses and Gamma-ray burst Yukawa, Kyoto [rironkon271]
2002/0315-17 HEP, J Workshop on Strangeness Tsukuba, Japan [Feb1] [sg-l 1372]
2002/0315-18 GR Science & Ultimate Reality: Celebrating the Vision of John Archibald Wheeler and Taking It Forward into a New Century of Discovery NJ, USA [N/A]
2002/0313-16 Astro Workshop on Mass-Losing Pulsating Stars and Their Circumstellar Matter Sendai, Japan [N/A]
2002/0311-13 Astro, J N-body Celestial Mechanics Hakone, Japan [N/A]
2002/0308-09 CosRay, J Cosmic Ray Physics with New Technology ICRR, Tokyo [N/A]
2002/0307 Astro, J Brane-Universe and Baryongenesis Fukuoka, Japan [sg-l 1395]
2002/0305-06 Astro, J Workshop on Planetary Atmosphere Sendai, Japan [tennet2257]
2002/0305-06 Comp International Symposium on Computational Science and Engineering 2002 (ISCSE'02) Tokyo, Japan [Feb20]
2002/0225-27 HEP KEK Theory Meeting on Collider Physics Tsukuba, Japan [sg-l 1391]
2002/0225-26 Astro, J Astrometri Satelite working group NAO, Japan [tennet]
2002/0221-23 GR, J Gravitational Wave workshop Kyoto, Japan [Jan20]
2002/0221-22 Comp., J Tsukuba CCP symposium Tsukuba, Japan [Feb11]
2002/0219-21 HEP, J SUSY and United Particle Physics Tokyo, Japan [x] [sg-l 1371]
2002/0206-08 GR, J TAMA: Gravitational Wave symposium Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2002/0205-08 Field D-branes and Mirror Symmetry Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2002/0204-09 Astro DARK 2002 : Dark Matter in Astro and Particle Physics Capetown, RSA [N/A]
2002/0131-0203 GR 3rd EU-network meeting Southampton, UK [N/A]
2002/0130-0201 Astro, J Magellan Nagoya, Japan [N/A]
2002/0128-30 GR, J Spacetime singularity and its around Kyoto, Japan [Jan15]
2002/0116-19 Phys, J Origin of Matter Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2002/0115-18 GR Brane World 2 Kyoto, Japan [N/A]
2002/0115-17 Field NCTS Workshop on Supersymmetry Taiwan [N/A]
2002/0115-17 QG Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone III Chile [N/A]
2002/0114-0201 GR, Field Brane World ITP, UCSB, USA [Nov30]
2002/0111 GR S. Hawking 60th Birthday Symposium Cambridge, UK [-]
2002/0109-12 GR APTCP winter school on Black Holes Astrophysics 2002 Pohang, Korea [N/A]
2002/0109-12 GR The 11th Japan GRG workshop Waseda, Japan [Dec6]
2002/0109-11 Field, J/E Sapporo Winter School 2002 Sapporo, Japan [N/A]
2002/0104-14 QG School on Quantum Gravity Chile [N/A]

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