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2013/0527-0601 GR IVth School of Astroparticle Physics: Gravitational Waves Observatoire de Haute Provence, France [---]
2013/0520-25 Cosm. Davis Cosmic Frontier Conferences Davis, USA [---]
2013/0520-23 Astro. The restless nature of AGNs: variability as a probe of the central engine Naples, Italy [---]
2013/0519-0622 GR Yukawa International Seminar 2013 and longterm workshop YITP, Japan [---]
2013/0513-16 GR 2nd ICRANet Bego Rencontres Nice, France [---]
2013/0512-16 GR Black Holes IX - Theory and Mathematical Aspects Saskatchewan, Canada [---]
2013/0506-11 Cosm. Hot topics in Modern Cosmology (Spontaneous Workshop VII) Cargese, France [---]
2013/0507-10 Astro. SMFNS2013 - Third International Symposium on Strong Electromagnetic Fields and Neutron Stars Varadero, Cuba [---]
2013/0504-06 Astro. STARS2013 - Second Caribbean Symposium on Cosmology, Gravitation, Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics Havana, Cuba [---]
2013/0419-20 GR Seventh Gulf Coast Gravity Meeting Oxford, MS, USA [---]
2013/0415-18 GR Grav13 Cordoba, Argentina [---]
2013/0415-18 GR VESF School, Gravitational waves, neutrinos and multiwavelenght observations: the new frontier of astronomy Rome, Italy [---]
2013/0403-04 GR BritGrav 2013 at Sheffield Sheffield, United Kingdom [---]
2013/0403 GR Quantum Fields, Gravity and Information Nottingham, UK [---]
2013/0402-05 Cosm ESLAB 2013: The Universe as seen by Planck Noordwijk, The Netherlands [---]
2013/0329-30 GR 29th Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting UCD, USA [---]
2013/0326-29 Phys, J. JPS: Physical Society Japan, 2012 Spring Meeting Hiroshima, Japan [Nov25]
2013/0320-23 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2013 Spring Meeting Saitama, Japan [Dec10]
2013/0320-22 GR 3rd Iberian Gravitational-Wave Meeting Valencia, Spain [---]
2013/0319-25 HEP, J. LHC vs Beyond the Standard Model --Frontier of particle physics YITP, Japan [--]
2013/0318-21 Cosm. Infinities and Cosmology Cambridge, UK [---]
2013/0318 GR LIGO-Virgo Collaboration meeting Maryland, USA [members only]
2013/0311-14 GR NR/HEP 2 Spring School Lisbon, Portugal [---]
2013/0311-12 Comp., J. Workshop on MPI Libraries TokyoU, Japan [---]
2013/0305-08 GR Strong gravity beyond GR: from theory to observations Lisbon, Portugal [---]
2013/0301-02 GR, J. Symposium on Gravitaional Waves OCU, Japan [Jan31]
2013/0225-27 Phys., J. Winter School: Nuclear Matter in Neutron Stars 2013 KEK, Japan [Jan15]
2013/0220-22 GR, J. 2nd workshop on KAGRA data analysis NAOJ, Japan [Jan15]
2013/0219-22 GR. Cosm. Asia Pacific School/Workshop on Gravitation and Cosmology 2013(APCTP-NCTS-YITP Joint Program) Jeju Island, Korea [--]
2013/0218-25 HEP, GR. Astro. 7th Asian Winter School on Strings, Particles and Cosmology Peking, China [--]
2013/0217-23 GR Equations of Motion in Relativistic Gravity Bad Honnef, Germany [---]
2013/0214-15 GR, J Coalesence of Compact Binaries and Related Electromagnetic Sources YITP, Japan [Jan25]
2013/0210-16 Cosm. The 49th Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics: Cosmology and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics Ladek Zdroj, Poland [---]
2013/0131 GR Second Dutch Gravitational Wave meeting Nijmegen, the Netherlands [---]
2013/0121-30 HEP 17th APCTP Winter School on Fundamental Physics Pohang, Korea [---]
2013/0112-14 GR, J. 14th Workshop on Singularity Osaka, Japan [---]
2012/1222-24 Astro., J. Rironkon Symposium KEK, Japan [---]
2012/1217-18 GR V Black Holes Worksh​op Lisbon, Portugal [---]
2012/1215-20 Astro, Cosm, GR The 26th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics Sao Paulo City, Brazil [Nov12]
2012/1217-18 GR V Black Holes Workshop in Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal [---]
2012/1213-16 Comp. Symposium: ‘Quarks to Universe in Computational Science (QUCS 2012)’ Nara, Japan [Sep21,rironkon:00064]
2012/1211-14 QG The Search for Quantum Gravity: CDT and Friends Nijmegen, The Netherlands [---]
2012/1204-06 GR Symposium: New Waves in Gravity and Cosmology YITP, Japan [Oct30]
2012/1129-30 Cosm. Workshop SU Structure of the Universe 2012 Paris, France [---]
2012/1118-1222 GR, Cosm. Gravity and Cosmology 2012 YITP, Japan [---]
2012/1112-16 HEP Hadron Collider Physics Symposium 2012 Kyoto, Japan [Aug15]
2012/1112-16 GR JGRG 22 Tokyo, Japan [Sep25]
2012/1106-09 Cosm. Axion Cosmophysics KEK, Japan [Sep30]
2012/1029-31 Cosm. Workshop on holographic applications, out-of-equilibrium phenomena, gravity and analogue gravity Paris, France [---]
2012/1027-28 GR The workshop on theories and possibilities of observations of wormholes Rikkyo U., Japan [---]
2012/1024-26 GR CoCoNuT Meeting 2012 Palma de Mallorca, Spain [---]
2012/1022-26 GR XX SIGRAV Conference in Naples Naples, Italy [---]
2012/1022-25 GR Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity - the hard facts Perimeter Inst., Canada [---]
2012/1017-19 Phys. Barcelona Postgrad Encounters on Fundamental Physics Barcelona, Spain [--]
2012/1014-18 Phys. Horizons of Quantum Physics: from Foundations to Quantum-Enabled Technologies Taipei, Taiwan [Oct01]
2012/1014-18 Comp. 2012 Conference on Computational Physics (CCP2012) Kobe, Japan [Aug31]
2012/1011-13 GR Workshop on Numerical and Mathematical Relativity Oppurg, Germany [---]
2012/1010-16 GR The Time Machine Factory Turin, Italy [---]
2012/1009-12 GR From Quantum to Cosmos 5 - 5th International workshop on space-based research in fundamental physics and astronomy Cologne, Germany [---]
2012/1008-12 QG First Erlangen Fall School on Quantum Geometry Erlangen, Germany [---]
2012/0928-29 Phys. J. Fundamental Physics using Atoms 2012 Tohoku U., Japan [---]
2012/0927-28 Comp. J. JSST2012 International Conference on Simulation Technology HPC Joint Session: Geophysics & Astrophysics (OS7) Kobe, Japan [---]
2012/0924-27 GR 2nd LOFT (Large Observatory For X-ray Timing) Science Meeting Toulouse, France [---]
2012/0923-25 GR LIGO-Virgo Collaboration meeting Hanover, Germany [members only]
2012/0922-23 GR AMS Sectional Meeting AMS Special Session on Modern Relativity Rochester, USA [--]
2012/0917-22 GR Xth School of Cosmology in Cargese: Gravitational Lenses Cargese, France [--]
2012/0919-21 GR International Workshop Relativistic Positioning Systems and their Scientific Applications Brdo, Slovenia [--]
2012/0912-14 GR LIGO-Virgo Collaboration meeting Rome, Italy [members only]
2012/0911-14 Phys., J. JPS: Physical Society Japan, 2012 Fall Meeting Kyoto, Japan [---]
2012/0911-14 GR Workshop on The Physics of De Sitter Spacetime Hannover, Germany [---]
2012/0910-14 Cosm. GR Multiverse and Fundamental Cosmology Szczecin, Poland [---]
2012/0903-07 GR Black Hole Growth in the Universe Beijing, China [---]
2012/0903-07 GR CoQuS Summer School 2012 "Quantum Physics meets Gravity" Vienna, Austria [---]
2012/0903-07 GR Spanish Relativity Meeting ERE2012 Portugal, Spain [---]
2012/0903-05 GR, J. KAGRA data analysis Tokyo U., Japan [Aug20]
2012/0902-07 GR Algebro-geometric methods in fundamental physics Bad Honnef, Germany [---]
2012/0901 Astro Current Understanding and Future Study of Magnetars: Research Strategy in the ASTRO-H era Rikkyo U, Japan [tennet9945]
2012/0830-0902 HEP, J Dynamics of Space-tme via Discrete method of Fields Riken, Japan [sg-l 7319]
2012/0830-0901 HEP, J Hadronic matter and EOS YITP, Japan [July07]
2012/0827-28 Cosm. Workshop on Dark Matter Phenomenology Pohang, Korea [---]
2012/0822-24 HEP, J Thermal Quantum Field Theory YITP, Japan [---]
2012/0812-18 GR 2nd BNU International Summer School on Quantum Gravity Beijing, China [---]
2012/0730-0803 GR Rattle and Shine: Gravitational Wave and Electromagnetic Studies of Compact Binary Mergers KITP, USA [--]
2012/0727-31 Astro, J. Summer School: From Quarks to Supernovae YITP [tennet:9724]
2012/0727 Astrophys. Ecole Internationale d'Astrophysique Daniel Chalonge Summer Open Session of Scientific Culture Paris, France [--]
2012/0726-27 Cosm, J. CMB: From Inflation to Dark Age KEK, Japan [--]
2012/0725-0803 Astro, GR 4th International Summer School on Astroparticle Physics (Nijmegen12) Kleve, Germany [--]
2012/0717-20 GR 10th International Meeting on High-Performance Computing for Computational Science (VECPAR 2012) Riken, Kobe [Dec23]
2012/0716-17 GR Advanced School in General Relativity in Sao Paolo: Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology Sao Paulo, Brazil [---]
2012/0709-12 GR 14th Canadian Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics St. John's, NF, Canada [---]
2012/0710-14 GR Gravitation and cosmology session at QQQ 2012 conference Tallinn, Estonia [---]
2012/0701-07 GR Marcel Grossmann Meetings 13 Stockholm, Sweden [Jun1]
2012/0627-29 Info. Phys. International Workshop : Physics of information, information in physics, and the demon Okazaki, Japan [---]
2012/0625-29 GR Relativity and Gravitation - 100 Years after Einstein in Prague Prague, Czech Republic [---]
2012/0620-23 GR Recent Developments in Gravity (NEB 15) Crete, Greece [---]
2012/0618-22 GR First VESF School on Advanced Detectors of Gravitational Waves Coscina, Italy [---]
2012/0618 Astro, J. ALMA Cycle1 Town Meeting at Mitaka 2012 Tokyo, Japan [---]
2012/0618-20 GR 17th Itzykson Meeting - Heart of Darkness: Dark Energy and Modified Gravity Saclay, France [---]
2012/0611-15 GR 15th Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction in General Relativity Maryland, USA [---]
2012/0611-15 HEP The 4th International Symposium on Neutrinos and Dark Matter in Nuclear Physics (NDM12) Nara, Japan [---]
2012/0610-14 GR Geometry and topology in (quantum) gravity session at QQQ 2012 conference Talinn, Estonia [---]
2012/0608 GR Exploring New Horizons with Gravitational Waves AEI Hannover [---]
2012/0604-07 GR Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop (GWPAW) AEI Hannover [---]
2012/0603-09 HEP NEUTRINO2012 Kyoto, Japan [---]
2012/0529-31 Astro, J. Subaru Spring School Tokyo, Japan [--]
2012/0528-30 GR Workshop on Gravitational Wave Bursts Scotland, UK [--]
2012/0522-25 GR International Conference on Non-Euclidean Geometry in Modern Physics and Mathematics Uzhgorod, Ukraine [--]
2012/0521-26 GR X Edition of the Sigrav Graduate School in Contemporary Relativity and Gravitational Physics Como, Italy [--]
2012/0521-25 GR 9th LISA Symposium Paris, France [--]
2012/0521-25 GR Black Holes and Information at KITP Santa Barbara, USA [--]
2012/0516-19 GR Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and Cosmology Pescara, Italy [--]
2012/0513-19 GR Gravitational-Wave Advanced Detector Workshop Hawaii, USA [--]
2012/0420-22 GR 15th East Coast Gravity Meeting and Josh Goldberg Fest Syracuse, USA [--]
2012/0403-06 GR Einstein Toolkit New Users Workshop Atlanta, USA [--]
2012/0403-04 GR BritGrav 12 Southampton, UK [--]
2012/0328-30 GR Inaugural meeting of the Research Training Group "Models of Gravity" Bremen, Germany [--]
2012/0324-27 Phys., J. JPS: Physical Society Japan, 2012 Spring Meeting Hyogo, Japan [--]
2012/0321-22 GR, J. General relativity and mathematics Sendai, Japan [---]
2012/0319-25 GR, Info KITP program 2012: Bits, Branes, and Black Holes Santa Barbara, CA, USA [---]
2012/0319-23 GR LIGO-Virgo Collaboration meeting Cambridge, MA, USA [members only]
2012/0319-22 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2012 Spring Meeting Kyoto, Japan [---]
2012/0307-09 Astro Formations of Compact Objects: from the cradle to the grave Tokyo, Japan [---]
2012/0301-04 GR 2012 Asia Pacific School/Workshop on Cosmology and Gravitation YITP, Japan [---]
2012/0301-02 GR 2nd RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS) International Symposium Kobe, Japan [---]
2012/0228-0301 GR, J. BH magnetosphere Nagoya, Japan [---]
2012/0221-23 Cosm. HEP, J. 5th Superstring theory and Universe Oita, Japan [Jan19]
2012/0221-23 Comp, J. Workshop on Parallel Computing Tokyo, Japan [---]
2012/0220-22 Astro INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON Particles and Radiation from Cosmic Accelerators CA2012 Chiba, Japan [---]
2012/0216-17 GR Workshop "Landscapes for Quantum Gravity" Pavia, Italy [---]
2012/0215-17 GR 2nd Iberian Gravitational-Wave Meeting Barcelona, Spain [---]
2012/0208-11 GR 6th Australasian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation Queenstown, NZ [---]
2012/0202-04 GR Central European Relativity Seminar Cracow, Poland [---]
2012/0121 GR, J. Kansai-Area General Relativity Kinki U, Japan [---]
2011/1226-29 Phys & Math. Mathematical Physics: 10 Problems RIKEN, Japan [---]
2011/1217-21 Cosm. Xth International Conference on Gravitation, Astrophysics and Cosmology Qui-Nhon, Vietnam [---]
2011/1216-21 Cosm. Nagoya University GCOE Winter School/Workshop 2011 "Particle Cosmology" Nagoya, Japan [Dec09]
2011/1214-19 GR, Cosm. ICGC 2011: VIIth International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology Goa, India [June30]
2011/1129-1201 Math. Near Field Cosmology as a Probe of Early Universe, Dark Matter and Gravity Annapolis, MD, USA [--]
2011/1127 Astro, J. Astronomy-Education, Kinki-area workshop Kyoto, Japan [tenkyo:04230]
2011/1126 Astro, J. Eclipse 2012 workshop Osaka, Japan [tennet:9032]
2011/1119 GR, J. DECIGO workshop Kyoto, Japan [---]
2011/1112 Astro. Symposium "Development of Observational Cosmology: Cosmic Microwave Background and X-ray Astronomy" Kyoto, Japan [Nov08]
2011/1114-17 Cosm. 11th International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies (OMEG11) Wako, Japan [--]
2011/1109-11 Math. IBIS2011: 14th Information-Based Induction Science Workshop Nara, Japan [Sep15]
2011/1105-07 Astrophys. 24th Rironkon Symposium NAOJ, Tokyo [Sep28]
2011/1104-05 Phys. 21st Midwest Relativity Meeting Urbana, IL, USA [Sep15]
2011/1031-1103 Phys. Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Astrophysics and Material Science YITP, Japan [Sep15]
2011/1026-28 Astro LOFT, the Large Observatory For X-ray Timing Amsterdam, Netherlands [---]
2011/1023-25 Phys. 8th Constantine International Conference on Progress in Theoretical Physics Constantine, Algeria [---]
2011/1020-21 Math, J. Probabilistic Controlling Osaka, Japan [Oct07]
2011/1012-16 Astro 3rd Galileo-Xu Guangqi Meeting Beijing, China [---]
2011/1005-07 Phys Programming of Heterogeneous Systems in Physics Jena, Germany [---]
2011/1002-07 Astro. IRAP PhD and Erasmus Mundus Workshop - Gamma Ray Bursts, their progenitors and the role of thermal emission Les Houches, France [---]
2011/0926-29 GR The 21st workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation in Japan (JGRG21) Sendai, Japan [July31]
2011/0919-22 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2011 Fall Meeting Kagoshima, Japan [---]
2011/0918-24 Phys Quantum Field Theory Under the Influence of External Conditions Benasque, Spain [---]
2011/0916-19 Phys., J. JPS: Physical Society Japan, 2011 Fall Meeting Hirosaki, Japan [May30]
2011/0916 GR IOP Gravitational Physics Group half-day meeting: Do we understand gravity? London, UK [---]
2011/0914-16 Math, J. JSIAM: 2011 Fall Meeting Kyoto, Japan [July1]
2011/0911-13 GR South African Gravity Society Meeting 2011 Grahamstown, South Africa [---]
2011/0907-09 GR Parma Workshop on Numerical Relativity and Gravitational Waves 2011 Parma, Italy [---]
2011/0905-09 GR Astrophysics and gravitational waves meeting in Mallorca Palma de Mallorca, Spain [---]
2011/0831-0903 GR Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics Madeira, Portugal [---]
2011/0822-24 HEP, J. Thermal Quantum Field Theory and their Applications 2011 YITP, Japan [--]
2011/0807-09 Astro, J. Astronomy Education Society Japan Meeting 2011 Nagoya, Japan [--]
2011/0804-08 HEP, Astro, J. Summer School: from quarks to Universe YITP, Japan [--]
2011/0803-12 Math, J. Summer Institute 2011 Fuji, Japan [--]
2011/0728-0803 GR 2011 APCTP International School on Numerical Relativity and Gravitational Waves Pohang, Korea [---]
2011/0725-29 HEP, J. Quantum Field Theory and String Theory YITP, Japan [---]
2011/0723-0809 Cosm Nonlinear massive gravity theory and its observational test Kyoto, Japan [---]
2011/0720-22 Cosm The Chalonge School 15th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2011 Paris, France [---]
2011/0718-22 Math ICIAM 2011 Vancouver, Canada [---]
2011/0715-16 Phys. J. Econophysics: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Economy YITP, Japan [---]
2011/0714 Cosm. Vorticity on Different Scales: from the Cosmological to the Microscopic London, UK [---]
2011/0711-15 Phys. El Escorial Summer School 2011 "Quantum Information meets Statistical Mechanics" Madrid, Spain [---]
2011/0711-0805 Phys. INT Program INT-11-2b: Astrophysical Transients: Multi-messenger Probes of Nuclear Physics Seattle,USA [---]
2011/0710-12 GR 9th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves: 2011 Numerical Relativity - Data Analysis (NRDA) meeting Cardiff, U.K. [---]
2011/0708-10 Astro Chalonge School CIAS Workshop 2011 "Warm Dark Matter in Galaxies: Theoretical and Observational Progresses" Meudon, France [---]
2011/0704-08 GR 14th Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction at Southampton Southampton, UK [---]
2011/0704-08 GR, Astro 12th Italian-Korean Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics Pescara, Italy [---]
2011/0703-08 GR, Cosmo. PASCOS 2011, the 17th International Symposium on Particles, Strings and Cosmology Cambridge, UK [---]
2011/0628-30 QG XXIX Max Born Symposium: "Super, Quantum & Twistors II" Wroclaw, Poland [---]
2011/0627-0702 GR RUSGRAV-14: International Conference on Gravitation, Cosmology and Astrophysics Ulyanovsk, Russia [---]
2011/0623-24 HEP, J. Crossover: Hadron and Astroparticle physics Kobe, Japan [---]
2011/0620-25 GR Microphysics in Computational Relativistic Astrophysics at PI Waterloo, ON, Canada [---]
2011/0613-17 GR Advances in Computational Astrophysics: Methods, Tools and Outcomes Sicily, Italy [---]
2011/0602-03 GR Eastern Gravity Meeting Princeton, USA [---]
2011/0601-03 Astro., Comp. ICCS 2011: "The Ascent of Computational Excellence" Computational Science Singapole [---]
2011/0523-28 QG Celebrating 25 years of Loop Quantum Gravity Madrid, Spain [---]
2011/0523-27 Astro FIRST STARS IV - From Hayashi to the Future - Kyoto, Japan [---]
2011/0522 GR Neutron Stars and Gravitational Waves: The Next Steps toward Detection Boston, USA [---]
2011/0520-22 Astro Advances and Challenges in Computational General Relativity Providence, RI, USA [---]
2011/0517-19 Astro IEU-APCTP Workshop: Cosmology and Fundamental Physics Seoul, Korea [---]
2011/0516-21 Astro SIGRAV Graduate School "Analogue Gravity" Como, Italy [---]
2011/0515-16 GR 6th Gulf Coast Gravity Meeting Boca Raton, FL, USA [---]
2011/0510-14 GR Black Holes VIII: Theory & Mathematical Aspects Niagara Falls, ON, Canada [---]
2011/0509-14 Cosm Hot topics in Modern Cosmology - Spontaneous Workshop V Cargese, France [---]
2011/0422-28 Astro IAU Symposium 279: Death of Massive Stars: Supernovae & Gamma-Ray Bursts Nikko, Japan [---]
2011/0411-15 Astro Grav 11 La Cumbre, Argentina [---]
2011/0404-07 HEP Nuclear and Particle Physics Divisional Conference in 2011 Glasgow, Scotland, UK [---]
2011/0403-08 Astro Erasmus Mundus Workshop on Supernovae Explosion and Neutron Stars From Nuclei to White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars Les Houches, France [---]
2011/0325-28 Phys., J. JPS: Physical Society Japan, 2011 Spring Meeting CANCELLED Niigata, Japan [---]
2011/0323 Comp., J. Workshop on Joint Institute for Computational Fundamental Science Tsukuba, Japan [---]
2011/0321-26 Astro IRAP PhD and Erasmus Mundus Workshop on: Recent News from the GeV and TeV Gamma-Ray Domains: Results and Interpretations Pescara, Italy [---]
2011/0318-19 GR 27th Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting Pasadena, CA, USA [---]
2011/0316-19 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2011 Spring Meeting CANCELLED Tsukuba, Japan [---]
2011/0315-16 GR 6th Gulf Coast Gravity Meeting Boca Raton, FL, USA [---]
2011/0307-09 Astro., J. Observational Updates of Sgr A* Tokyo, Japan [JGRG 101231]
2011/0302-04 Astro., J. Workshop on the formation and evolution of stars - from the first stars to the solar system Hokkaido Univ. [Jan11]
2011/0228-0302 GR, J. Black Hole Magnetosphere Daido Univ. [--]
2011/0221-25 GR IPMU Workshop on Black Holes IPMU, Japan [--]
2011/0217-19 HEP, J. Superstring and Universe Hakone, Japan [--]
2011/0217-18 Astro, J. Compact Object and Extreme Physics YITP, Japan [--]
2011/0207-13 QG Workshop and School on Higher Gauge Theory, TQFT and Quantum Gravity Lisbon, Portugal [--]
2011/0202-04 GR Iberian Gravitational-Wave Meeting 2011 Palma, Mallorca [--]
2011/0210-14 GR 2011 Shanghai Asia-Pacific School and Workshop on Gravitation Shanghai, China [--]
2011/0126-29 GR Gravitational-Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop Milwaukee, USA [Jan7]
2011/0111-13 Astro, J. Solar Astronomy: Observations and Solar Weathercast Kyoto Univ. [Oct30]
2011/0111-12 Astro, Comp., J. NAOJ CfCA Users meeting NAOJ, Tokyo [Oct30]
2011/0110-17 HEP 5th Asian Winter School on Strings, Particles and Cosmology Jeju, Korea [Oct30]
2011/0110-15 Astro Theory of Stellar Evolution and Its Applications – From the First Stars to Planet-Hosting Stars and Gas Giant Planets Kobe, Japan [--]
2011/0109-14 Cosm Cosmology on the Beach 2011 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico [Oct15]
2010/1220-22 Astro, J. 23rd Rironkon Symposium YITP, Japan [Nov14]
2010/1215-16 HEP, J. KEK workshop on string phenomenology 2010 KEK, Japan [---]
2010/1214-18 Cosm. Primordial Features and Non-Gaussianities (PFNG-2010) Allahabad, India [---]
2010/1210-12 Astro, HEP The symposium on “The Recent Progress of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Ray Observation” Nagoya, Japan [---]
2010/1207-11 HEP Baryons'10 Osaka, Japan [---]
2010/1206-10 GR, Astrophys Texas Symposium 2010 Heidelberg, Germany [---]
2010/1206-09 Astrophys US-JAPAN Workshop on Magnetic Reconnection MR2010 Nara, Japan [---]
2010/1205-10 HEP Kruger2010: Workshop on Discovery Physics at the LHC South Africa [Nov22]
2010/1202-04 HEP Strangeness 2010 KEK, Japan [Nov12]
2010/1130-1202 Astro The First Year of MAXI : Monitoring variable X-ray sources Tokyo, Japan [---]
2010/1126-30 GR Symposium Mario Novello On Bouncing Models Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [---]
2010/1125 GR, J 9th DECIGO workshop Tokyo, Japan [---]
2010/1124-26 HEP International Conference on Physics in Intense Fields (PIF 2010) KEK, Japan [Oct23]
2010/1117-19 Cosm. International Conference on Two Cosmological Models Mexico City, Mexico [---]
2010/1116-18 Astro, J. Gamma-ray burst: Japan's Researches Tokyo, Japan [---]
2010/1115-19 HEP First International Workshop on LHC Era Physics (LHEP) in 2010 Nanning, China [Sep15]
2010/1115-17 GR The Ins and Outs of Black Holes Maryland, USA [--]
2010/1115 Astro, J Solar Activity and Climate Change Nagoya, Japan [---]
2010/1109-12 Cosm ExDiP2010: Extra-Dimension Probe by Cosmophysics KEK, Japan [--]
2010/1108-11 HEP IPMU Mini Workshop on Neutrinos IPMU, Japan [--]
2010/1108-09 HEP Nonperturbative aspects of QCD at finite temperature and density Tsukuba, Japan [Oct08]
2010/1101-06 GR Petrov 2010 Anniversary Symposium on General Relativity and Gravitation Kazan, Russia [May15]
2010/1024-26 Phys, J. Large Amplitude Clustering Mechanics YITP, Japan [---]
2010/1015-17 GR Chandra Centennial Symposium Chicago, USA [---]
2010/1015-16 Phys., J. Osaka City Univ: Link Physics via Einstein 3rd workshop Osaka, Japan [---]
2010/1004-05 Astro, J. 2020s with TMT NAOJ, Japan [tennet7917]
2010/1004-08 Cosm. IPMU focus week on string cosmology IPMU, Japan [Jul30]
2010/0929-1001 Astro., J. ALMA-Subaru Workshop 2010 NAOJ, Japan [---]
2010/0927-1001 Cosm. New Directions in Modern Cosmology Leiden, The Netherlands [---]
2010/0927-1001 HEP, J. Dynamics of Field and Space-time with Discrete Methods YITP, Japan [Aug22]
2010/0927-1001 Cosm. Cosmo/CosPA 2010 Tokyo, Japan [Jul30]
2010/0927-29 GR, J. Gravity, Geometry and Particles Osaka-City U, Japan [--]
2010/0922-24 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2010 Fall Meeting Kanazawa, Japan [---]
2010/0921-25 GR JGRG20: The 20th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation in Japan YITP, Japan [Aug01]
2010/0919-25 GR, Cosm. Gravitation and Cosmology, 8th Int. Conference of Num. Analysis and Applied Maths Island of Rhodes, Greece [---]
2010/0911-14 Phys., J. JPS: Physical Society Japan, 2010 Fall Meeting Fukuoka, Japan [---]
2010/0906-10 Astro. International Conference on Oriental Astronomy Tokyo, Japan [---]
2010/0906-10 GR Spanish Relativity Meeting ERE2010 Granada, Spain [---]
2010/0906-09 Math. J. JSIAM 2010: Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Tokyo, Japan [Jul30]
2010/0830-0911 Cosm. XIVth Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation Rio de Janero, Brazil [---]
2010/0830-0901 HEP, J. Thermal Quantum Field Theory and Their Applications YITP, Japan [---]
2010/0829-0901 Cosm. RESCEU/DENET Summer School: Dark Energy in the Universe Kochi, Japan [---]
2010/0825-27 Astrophys. Workshop on Unstructured Meshes in Dynamical Spacetimes Jena, Germany [---]
2010/0804-14 HEP, Cosm. Summer Institute 2010 (Cosmology & String) Fuji, Japan [Jul20]
2010/0801-03 Astro, Edu, J Tenkyo 24th Meeting NAOJ, Japan [Jul20]
2010/0728-31 QG Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone V Buenos Aires, Argentina [---]
2010/0726-30 GR 5th VESF School on Gravitational Waves Sesto Pusteria (Bolzano), Italy [---]
2010/0726-30 GR Galaxy clusters: observations, physics and cosmology Garching, Germany [---]
2010/0726-30 GR 2010 International School on Numerical Relativity and Gravitational Waves Pohang, Korea [---]
2010/0722 Cosm. 14th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2010 Paris, France [---]
2010/0718-25 GR COSPAR 2010: Probing Strong Gravity with Gravitational and Electromagnetic Waves Bremen, Germany [---]
2010/0711-16 Astro. 2nd Galileo-Xu Guangqi Meeting Nice, France [---]
2010/0705-10 Cosm. Xth School of Cosmology: The Cosmic Microwave Background at High Angular Resolution Cargese, Franceo [---]
2010/0705-09 GR GRG19 Mexico City, Mexico [Apr30]
2010/0628-0702 GR. Cosm. Yukawa International Seminar (YKIS) 2010 "Cosmology --The Next Generation--" Proceedings, PTPS-190 YITP, Japan [Apr30]
2010/0628-0702 Cosm CL J2010: from Massive Galaxy Formation to Dark Energy IMPU, Japan [---]
2010/0628-0702 Cosm Fifth Meeting on CPT and Lorentz Symmetry (CPT'10) Bloomington, U.S.A. [---]
2010/0623-0703 QG Quantum Gravity summer school (Pan- American Advanced Studies Institute on Quantum Gravity) Morelia, Mexico [---]
2010/0622-25 GR, Astrophys. Binary Star Evolution: Mass Loss, Accretion, and Mergers Mykonos, Greece [---]
2010/0620-26 GR 2010 CAPRA and NRDA : Theory Meets Data Analysis at Comparable and Extreme Mass Ratios Waterloo, Canada [---]
2010/0614 GR, J. DECIGO 08 workshop Tokyo, Japan [---]
2010/0608-11 HEP Chalonge School CIAS Meudon Workshop Dark Matter 2010 Meudon, France [---]
2010/0605-09 HEP Quantum Field Theory and Gravity (QFTG10) Tomsk, Russia [---]
2010/0523-28 Astro., J. JPGU Tokyo, Japan [---]
2010/0517-20 Phys. The Seventh International Conference on Computational Physics Beijing, China [---]
2010/0516 Astro., J. Memorial Meeting of Chushiro Hayashi (1920--2010) Kyoto, Japan [---]
2010/0514 GR Current and Future Challenges in Gravitational Physics London, UK [---]
2010/0510-15 Cosm. Hot topics in Modern Cosmology Spontaneous Workshop IV Cargese, Franceo [---]
2010/0426-0619 Cosm. Dark Matter: Its Nature, Origin and Prospects for Detection Florence, Italy [---]
2010/0426 GR. Relativistic Positioning Systems and Gravimetry: From a Paradigm Shift to Practical Applications Noordwijk, The Netherlands [Apr17]
2010/0419-0423 Astrophys. Deciphering the Ancient Universe with Gamma-Ray Bursts Kyoto, Japan [---]
2010/0406-07 GR Brit Grav. 10[AEI web] Dublin, Ireland [---]
2010/0405-09 GR PDEs, relativity & nonlinear waves Granada, Spain [---]
2010/0329-31 Cosm The 5th Iberian Cosmology Meeting Hiroshima, Japan [---]
2010/0326 GR Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting 26 San Diego, USA [---]
2010/0324-27 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2010 Spring Meeting ( Hiroshima U) Hiroshima, Japan [---]
2010/0321 GR EGM13: Eastern Gravity Meeting Raleigh, NC, USA [---]
2010/0320-23 Phys., J. JPS: Physical Society Japan, 2010 Spring Meeting Okayama, Japan [Nov29]
2010/0319-20 Phys., J. The symposium on celestial mechanics: Computations and Calculations in Celestial Mechanics Chiba, Japan [--]
2010/0317-19 QG Quantum Gravity and the Foundations of Physics Rosario, Argentina [---]
2010/0315-19 HEP String 2010 Texas, USA [Mar1]
2010/0315-18 Astrophys. The 8th High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics Caltech, USA [--]
2010/0315-16 QM, J. Recent Issues and Prospects on Quantum Mechanics KEK, Japan [--]
2010/0308-10 Astrophys. International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies (OMEG10) OsakaU, Japan [--]
2010/0308-10 Astro. J. The 10th HEAPA meeting (High Energy AstroPhysics Association in Japan) JAXA, Japan [--]
2010/0301-03 GR, Astro, J. The 3rd Black-hole Magnetosphere Osaka CU, Japan [--]
2010/0223-26 GR Gravitational Wave Symposium Laurel, USA [--]
2010/0223 Astro, J. Simposium on Visualization of Astronomical data JAXA, Japan [--]
2010/0218-21 Astro, J. Nagoya GCOE International Winter School: Dark Matter and Dark Energy Nagoya, Japan [--]
2010/0218-20 Astro, J. Coevolution of Super-massive Blackholes and Galaxies Tsukuba, Japan [--]
2010/0215-18 GR Probing Strong Gravity near Black Holes Prague, Czech Rep. [--]
2010/0213-14 HEP Komaba 2010: Recent Developments in Strings and Fields ------ On the occasion of Y. Kazama’s 60th birthday ------ Tokyo U, Japan [--]
2010/0208-11 HEP, Cosm The Future of Neutrino Mass Measurements: Terrestrial, Astrophysical, and Cosmological Measurements in the Next Decade Seattle, USA [--]
2010/0126-29 GR 14th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop (GWDAW14) Rome, Italy [--]
2010/0120 HEP, GR, J. Extra-Dimension Osaka, Japan [--]
2010/0118-20 Astrophys. EspWS NAOJ, Japan [--]
2010/0112-14 Astrophys. Solar Energetic Particles: Origin and Environmental Impacts Kyoto, Japan [--]
2010/0111-20 HEP 4th Asian Winter School on Strings, Particles and Cosmology Maharashtra, India [--]
2010/0111-15 Cosm. Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation Playa del Carmen, Mexico [--]
2010/0109-11 GR, J. Singularity and its around Tokyo, Japan [---]
2009/1225-26 GR, J Higher-Dimensional Black Holes YITP, Japan [Nov23]
2009/1221-22 GR The second workshop on black holes Lisbon, Portgal [---]
2009/1220-22 Astro, J Rironkon Symposium 2009 Nagoya, Japan [---]
2009/1216-18 GR 5Th Australasian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation: ICRANET International Year of Astronomy Program Christchurch, New Zealand [---]
2009/1215-17 GR "Astrophysics At The Extreme" In Honor of Professor Tsvi Piran's 60'th Birthday Jerusalem, Israel [---]
2009/1207-11 Cosm. Focus week on Indirect Dark Matter Search IPMU, Japan [---]
2009/1207-11 GR 2009 International School on Numerical Relativity and Gravitation Seoul, Korea [---]
2009/1206-12 GR VIII Mexican School (DGFM-SMF): Speakable and Unspeakable in Gravitational Physics: Testing gravity from submillimeter to cosmic scale Quintana Roo, Mexico [---]
2009/1206-11 Cosm 3rd TRR33 Winter School on Cosmology "Theory for Observers - Observations for Theorists" Passo del Tonale, Italy [---]
2009/1205-06 Astro, J. The Year of Astronomy 2009: Grand Finale Kobe, Japan [---]
2009/1130-1204 GR JGRG19: The 19th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation in Japan Tokyo, Japan [Oct02]
2009/1130-1203 Cosm Focus week on the Epoch of Reionization IMPU, Japan [---]
2009/1120-21 Cosm International Workshop on Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Matter-antimatter Asymmetry Hsinchu, Taiwan [--]
2009/1118-20 Cosm The 2009 International Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics (CosPA 2009) Melbourne, Australia [Aug15]
2009/1116-20 GR Workshop in General Relativity [AEIweb] Stony Brook, USA [Oct10]
2009/1116-18 Astro, J Astro MHD YITP, Japan [Oct10]
2009/1110-12 HEP KEK-CPWS-HEAP2009 KEK Theory Center Cosmophysics Group Workshop on High Energy Astrophysics 2009 - Cosmic Particles, Jets and Accelerator Science - KEK, Japan [---]
2009/1109-10 GR Focus Sesson on "The Nature of Time in Fundamental Science" PSU, USA [---]
2009/1107-08 GR ADM-50: A Celebration of Current GR Innovation Texas, USA [--]
2009/1104-06 GR Conference on Mathematical methods in general relativity and quantum field theories Paris, France [--]
2009/1102-04 GR 11th Italian-Korean Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics Seoul, Korea [--]
2009/1031 GR, J. 20th Anniversary of Keiichi Maeda's group at Waseda Univ. Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2009/1027 HEP "Symmetry Breaking in Particle Physics" in honor of Professor Y. Nambu YITP, Japan [--]
2009/1026 Pub Public lecture by Yoichiro Nambu YITP, Japan [Oct16]
2009/1026-30 GR First Galileo - Xu Guangqi Meeting The Sun, The Stars, The Universe and General Relativity Shanghai [Sep30]
2009/1023-24 Phys, J Physics Link via Einstein at Osaka-City Univ. Osaka, Japan [Oct09]
2009/1021-24 Cosm. The Torino Chalonge Colloquium 2009 "Latest News from the Universe" Turin, Italy [--]
2009/1020-23 Cosm. J. KEK Theory Centre Cosmophysics Group Workshop: Lambda-LTB Cosmology KEK, Japan [Aug31]
2009/1002-03 GR Midwest Relativity Meeting 19 Michigan, USA [---]
2009/0928-1002 Cosm. 3rd UniverseNet School - Particle Astrophysics & Cosmology Bellaterra, Spain [---]
2009/0928-1002 Cosm. Statistical Frontiers of Astrophysics IPMU, Japan [---]
2009/0921-24 QG. From Quantum to Gravity 4, Q2C4 Bremen, Germany [---]
2009/0920-30 Astro. Summer School Novicosmo 2009: Highlights in Astrophysics Rabac, Croatia [---]
2009/0918-23 GR Future Prospects and Possibilities of Gravity Pohang, Korea [---]
2009/0918-22 GR. 7th International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics (Session 19: Gravitational Wave) Rethymno, Crete [---]
2009/0914-19 Cosm. Grassmannian Conference in Fundamental Cosmology (Grasscosmofun'09) Szczecin, Poland [---]
2009/0914-18 Astro. Pathways Towards Habitable Planets Barcelona, Spain [---]
2009/0914-18 Cosm. Particle Cosmology CERN, Switzerland [---]
2009/0914-18 Astro. III INPE Advanced Course on Astrophysics: Astrostatistics Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil [---]
2009/0914-16 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2009 Fall Meeting Yamaguchi, Japan [---]
2009/0913-20 Astro. 2nd School and Workshop on Quantum Gravity and Quantum Geometry Corfu, UK [---]
2009/0910-13 Phys. J JPS: Japan Physical Society, 2009 Fall Meeting Hyogo, Japan [---]
2009/0910-12 Astro. J Gravitational N-body and Plasma Simulation NAO, Japan [---]
2009/0910-12 Astro. J Primordial Stars and Disk Kyoto, Japan [---]
2009/0908-09 Phys. J EconoPhysics Kyoto, Japan [---]
2009/0907-11 Astro., J. the annual Cosmo International Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology -- COSMO 09 CERN, Switzerland [---]
2009/0907 HEP, J. LHC and extra-dimension Tokyo, Japan [---]
2009/0903-05 HEP, J. Thermal Quantum Field Theory YITP, Japan [---]
2009/0903 Astro, J. Extra-solar systems Nagoya, Japan [---]
2009/0902-05 GR, Cosm. Challenges in Theoretical Cosmology Talloires, France [---]
2009/0829-31 HEP, J. Summer School on Particle Physics at TeV Yamanashi, Japan [May30]
2009/0825-28 GR, Astro. Primordial Gravitational Waves Workshop Cambridge, UK [May30]
2009/0819-28 Astrophys. 3rd International Summer School on Astroparticle Physics "NIJMEGEN09" Nijmegen, Netherlands [---]
2009/0809-11 Astro, J. Astronomy Education Society meeting Kyoto, Japan [Aug1]
2009/0803-13 HEP, GR, J. Summer Institute 2009 Fuji, Japan [---]
2009/0803-05 Astrophys. IAU Joint Disc.: Neutron Stars: Timing in Extreme Environments Reo de Janeiro, Brazil [---]
2009/0727-30 Astro, GR, J. Astro-Wakate 2009 Kusatsu, Japan [---]
2009/0726-31 GR CosmoStats09 and GREAT08 Challenge Ascona, Switzerland [---]
2009/0712-18 GR The Twelth Marcel Grossmann Meeting (MG12) Paris, France [---]
2009/0710-13 Phys. International Symposium on Peer Reviewing: ISPR Orland, USA [---]
2009/0706-09 GR Numerical Relativity - Data Analysis Meeting (NRDA) 2009 AEI, Germany [---]
2009/0703-04 GR The First International Lares Science Workshop [General Relativity, Frame-Dragging and Gravitomagnetism- Physics, Engineering and Space Geodesy with Laser-Ranged Satellites LARES (LAser RElativity Satellite), LAGEOS and LAGEOS 2- Other Space Missions in Fundamental and Gravitational Physics Roma, Italy [---]
2009/0629-0710 Cosm. Invisible Universe Conference Paris, France [---]
2009/0629-0702 GR, Cosm. The Ninth Asia-Pacific International Conference on Gravitation and Astrophysics (ICGA9) WuHan, China. [Mar1]
2009/0629-0701 Cosm. The Unity of the Universe Portsmouth, UK [May31]
2009/0622-29 HEP Strings 2009 Rome, Italy [---]
2009/0622-26 Cosm. IPMU international conference: dark energy: lighting up the darkness! IPMU, Japan [Apr20]
2009/0621-26 GR Amaldi 8 New York, USA [---]
2009/0621-26 GR Blois09 Windows on the universe 21st Rencontres de Blois Blois, France [---]
2009/0618-19 GR Mathematical Relativity in Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal [---]
2009/0615-16 GR 12th Eastern Gravity Meeting Rochester, USA [---]
2009/0605-10 HEP SUSY 2009 Boston, USA [---]
2009/0604-0606 GR AbhayFest: A Conference on Classical and Quantum Gravity PennState, USA [---]
2009/0531-0605 GR, Astro International conference on Cosmological Magnetic Fields Ascona, Switzerland [---]
2009/0528-29 GR Physics of the Standard Model of the Universe:Theory and Observations Paris, France [---]
2009/0526-29 GR Year of Astronomy 2009 in Brazil: The Sun, The Stars, The Universe and General Relativity Fortaleza, Brazil [---]
2009/0524-31 GR Frontiers in Black Hole Physics at Dubna Dubna, Russia [Apr20]
2009/0518-21 Astro Joint Subaru/Gemini Science Conference Kyoto, Japan [---]
2009/0516-18 GR 13th Canadian Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics (CCGRRA) Calgary, Canada [---]
2009/0509-15 GR Black Holes VII Theory and mathematical aspects Alberta, Canada [---]
2009/0427-0501 GR IAU Symposium 261: Relativity in Fundamental Astronomy: Dynamics, Reference frames, and Data Analysis Virginia, USA [Jan31]
2009/0422-23 Comp. Development of Computational Science via Algorithm 2009 Tsukuba, Japan [---]
2009/0420-23 GR RAS / European Astronomical Society NAM/JENAM Meeting Hatfield, UK [---]
2009/0420-23 GR The Sun, The Stars, The Universe and General Relativity -- International conference in honor of Ya. B. Zeldovich 95th Anniversary Minsk, Belarus [---]
2009/0417 GR 8th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves NewYork, USA [---]
2009/0417 GR LeonidGrishchuk-Fest Cardiff, UK [---]
2009/0413-17 GR Grav09 Cordoba, Argentina [Jan31]
2009/0406-10 Cosm. IPMU focus week on non-Gaussianities in the sky IPMU, Japan [Mar27]
2009/0401-03 Astro. Intermediate-Mass Black Holes: from First Light to Galactic Nuclei UCI, USA [---]
2009/0326-28 GR, QG Black Holes and Loop Quantum Gravity Valencia, Spain [---]
2009/0327-30 Phys. J JPS: Japan Physical Society, 2009 Spring Meeting Tokyo, Japan [---]
2009/0327-28 GR 25th Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting Oregon, USA [---]
2009/0324-27 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2009 Spring Meeting Osaka, Japan [Dec14]
2009/0319-21 GR Multi-Messenger Relativistic Astrophysics 2009: Inaugural conference of the Center for Relativistic Astrophysics at Georgia Tech Georgia, USA [---]
2009/0316-20 GR New Directions in Cosmology Beijing, China [---]
2009/0316-18 Astro, J. Numazu 2009 Numazu, Japan [---]
2009/0316-19 HEP, J. KEK Theory Workshop 2009 KEK, Japan [---]
2009/0303-06 HEP KEKPH Workshop 2009 KEK, Japan [---]
2009/0302-04 Cosm. The Dark Side of Gravity Florence, Italy [Jan31]
2009/0224-27 GR The third High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Workshop (HFGW3) Alabama, USA [---]
2009/0218-20 HEP. Cosm. J. Superstring and Universe Kinosaki, Japan [---]
2009/0216-18 Phys. J. GCOE Opening Symposium The Next Generation of Physics, Spun from Universality and Emergence Kyoto, Japan [Feb04]
2009/0209-13 Cosm. The 3rd Asian School of Particles, Strings and Cosmology: Theoretical and Experimental Frontiers of Cosmic Microwave Background Kusatsu, Japan [---]
2009/0202-04 Astrophys. J. Supernova and High Energy Astronomy Tokyo, Japan [---]
2009/0201-08 Astrophys. Very High Energy Phenomena in the Universe Valle d'Aosta, Italy [---]
2009/0120-22 Astrophys. J. Supermassive BHs YITP, Japan [---]
2009/0120-22 Phys. 4th International Meeting on Frontier of Physics Malaysia [Nov30]
2009/0110-12 GR, J. 10th Singularity Theorem and its around. KEK [Dec14]
2008/1220-22 HEP, J. Towards New Developments in Field and String Theories Riken, Japan [Dec05]
2008/1215-17 Astrophys. J Rironkon 21: Future of Theoretical Astronomy NAOJ, Japan [---]
2008/1211-13 HEP IPMU workshop A New Recursion from Random Matrices and Topological String Theory IMPU, Japan [Dec05]
2008/1208-12 Cosm. KEK Cosmophysics Workshop DE2008: Is our Universe really undergoing an accelerated expansion ? KEK, Japan [---]
2008/1208-09 HEP. Cosm. J. Early Universe and Particle Standard Model ICRR, Japan [---]
2008/1207-12 GR, Astro 2nd TRR33 Winter School on Cosmology "Theory For Observers - Observations for Theorists" Passo del Tonale, Italy [Oct1]
2008/1207-12 GR, Astro 24th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics Vancouver, Canada [Oct1]
2008/1202-03 HEP. J. Heterotic string and M theory KEK, Japan [---]
2008/1201-02 Phys. J. Particle Phys., Nuclear Phys. and Cosmology via Computational Science KEK, Japan [---]
2008/1201 GR. J. Kansai GR Osaka, Japan [---]
2008/1117-21 Astro "When the universe Formed Stars" Understanding the Most Active Period of Star Formation in the History of the Universe Down to its Fall La Martinique Island, France [---]
2008/1117-21 GR The 18th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation in Japan (JGRG18) Hiroshima, Japan [Sep20]
2008/1112-13 GR The 1st International LISA-DECIGO workshop Sagamihara, Japan [Sep26]
2008/1111-16 GR, HEP DISCRETE'08 Symposium on Prospects in the Physics of Discrete Symmetries, Valencia, Spain [---]
2008/1111-14 Cosm. RESCEU Symposium on Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology Tokyo, Japan [Oct1]
2008/1110-13 Astro. The third East-Asia Numerical Astrophysics Meeting (EANAM2008) Nanjing, China [---]
2008/1102-08 GR Global Universe Anisotropy and Finsler Extensions of Relativity Theory Cairo, Egypt [---]
2008/1030-31 QG Strings and Cosmology Student Conference (SCSC08) Paris, France [---]
2008/1024-25 GR Midwest Relativity Meeting (MWRM18) Notre Dame, USA [---]
2008/1023-25 GR Loop Quantum Cosmology Workshop PSU, USA [Oct15]
2008/1023-25 GR, HEP Black Holes in Higher Dimensions (KEK-CPWS-HDBH2008) KEK, Japan [---]
2008/1020-22 Cosm. The Impact of Simulations in Cosmology and Galaxy Formation (Workshop Novicosmo 2008) SISSA, Trieste [---]
2008/1010-11 GR, J Physics by Einstein Osaka C Univ., Japan [Oct3]
2008/1007-11 Cosm. 3rd Biennial Leopoldina Conference on "DARK ENERGY" Munich, Germany [---]
2008/0924-28 Astro, HEP TeV Particle Astrophysics IV Beijing, China [---]
2008/0922-26 GR, Cosm. Seeking Links between Cosmology and Fundamental Physics Oxford, UK [---]
2008/0920-23 Phys. J JPS: Japan Physical Society, 2008 Fall Meeting Yamagata, Japan [---]
2008/0917-23 GR, Astro The international symposium The Modern Physics of Compact Stars Yerevan, Armenia [---]
2008/0917-19 QG Workshop on Continuum and Lattice Approaches to Quantum Gravity Sussex, UK [---]
2008/0915-19 GR the XXXI Spanish Relativity Meeting Salamanca, Spain [---]
2008/0911-13 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2008 Fall Meeting Okayama, Japan [---]
2008/0908-12 Phys ICPP2008: International Congress on Plasma Physics Fukuoka, Japan [---]
2008/0908-12 GR Numerical modelling of astrophysical sources of gravitational radiation Valencia, Spain [---]
2008/0907-12 GR Space and Time 100 Years after Minkowski Bad Honnef, Germany [---]
2008/0903-05 HEP Thermal Quantum Field Theory YITP, Japan [---]
2008/0826-29 HEP Strong and Electroweak Matter Amsterdam, The Netherlands [---]
2008/0825-31 Phys. Info AQIS'08: 8th Asian Conference on Quantum Information Science Seoul, Korea [---]
2008/0825 Math, Edu, J Mathematica for education Osaka, Japan [---]
2008/0825-29 GR Models of Gravity in Higher Dimensions - From Theory to Experimental Search - (418 WE-Heraeus Seminar) Bremen, Germany [---]
2008/0825-29 GR Geometry and Analysis Stockholm, Sweden [---]
2008/0825-29 GR Emergent Gravity MIT, USA [---]
2008/0825-29 GR Emergent Gravity meeting MIT, USA [---]
2008/0825-29 GR Cosmo 08 Wiscsonsin, USA [---]
2008/0820-21 GR Developments in Mathematical Relativity: Bobby Beig's 60th birthday Vienna, Austria [---]
2008/0815-18 Cosm. The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Asteroids to Cosmology: An International Symposium Chicago, USA [---]
2008/0811-14 GR Numerical Relativity and Data Analysis Conference (NRDA2008) Syracuse, USA [---]
2008/0810-14 Phys N-body problem: numerical methods and applications Turku, Finland [---]
2008/0808-17 GR Stockholm summer school on de Sitter cosmology Stockholm, Sweden [---]
2008/0728-0801 Astro Urbino 2008: High Energy Astrophysics Summer School Urbino, Italy [---]
2008/0728-0801 GR 2008 Summer School on Computational Methods in Gravitation and Astrophysics Pohang, Korea [---]
2008/0721-0801 Cosm. Summer School in Cosmology Trieste, Italy [---]
2008/0720-0802 GR, Cosm. XIII Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation (BSCG) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [---]
2008/0718-19 Cosm. The 12th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2008: CMB, DM, DE, Dark Ages and LSS in the Standard Model of the Universe Paris, France [---]
2008/0710-13 Cosm. Approaches to Quantum Gravity (XVIIth Oporto Meeting On Geometry, Topology and Physics) Paris, France [---]
2008/0707-09 GR. Math AMSI Workshop on Mathematical General Relativity Melbourne, Australia [---]
2008/0708-18 GR. 3rd Stueckelberg Workshop on Relativistic Field Theories Pascara, Italy [---]
2008/0707-11 Cosm. Dark Energy and Dark Matter: Observations, Experiments and Theories Lyon, France [---]
2008/0705-12 HEP Gamma Ray and Socmic Ray Astrophysics: From below GeV to beyond EeV Energies Sicily, Italy [---]
2008/0630-0718 Cosm Santa Fe Cosmology Summer Workshop Santa Fe, USA [---]
2008/0630-0704 GR, QG QG2: Quantum Geometry and Quantum Gravity Nottingham, UK [---]
2008/0629-0705 GR, Cosm. The 7th Alexander Friedmann International Seminar on Gravitation and Cosmology JoPessoa, Brazil [---]
2008/0627-0705 GR, Cosm. Frontiers in Numerical Gravitational Astrophysics Erice, Italy [---]
2008/0626-29 GR 11th Capra meeting and workshop on Radiation Reaction Orleans France [May15]
2008/0623-25 GR Summer School on mass and its motion within theories of gravity Orleans France [N/A]
2008/0623-28 GR RUSGRAV-13 13 Russian Gravitational Conference - International Conference on Gravitation, Cosmology and Astrophysics Moscow, Russia [N/A]
2008/0623 GR, Cosm 4th ICGC workshop: Modified gravity on cosmological scales Portsmouth, UK [N/A]
2008/0622-0703 Phys. "VOLGA-2008": XX Petrov School: XX Summer School-Seminar on Recent Problems in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics Kazan, Russia [N/A]
2008/0618-20 Astro, GR APP UK2008 Astroparticle Physics of IOP Conference Oxford, UK [N/A]
2008/0616-20 GR LISA Symposium Barcelona, Spain [N/A]
2008/0616-19 GR Hyperbolic equations in relativity Bordeaux, France [N/A]
2008/0616 Comp, J. Workshop of the Consortium for Computational Fundamental Science Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2008/0614 GR String theory and Cosmology YITP, Japan [N/A]
2008/0613-15 GR Third International Conference on the Nature and Ontology of Spacetime Montreal, Canada [N/A]
2008/0611-14 GR Post Newton 2008 Jena U, Germany [N/A]
2008/0609-13 GR Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics and Applications Maryland, USA [N/A]
2008/0604-06 GR Recent Developments in Gravity Thessaloniki, Greece [Mar31]
2008/0531-0601 Astro, J 5nd Gakujyutsu Symposium Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2008/0528-0601 Cosm. 5th Italian-Sino Workshop Taipei-Hualien, Taiwan [N/A]
2008/0527-30 Astro The X-ray Universe 2008 Granada, Spain [N/A]
2008/0525-30 Geo, J. Japan Geoscience Union 2008 Tokyo, Japan [Apr11]
2008/0519-30 Math CIMPA-UNESCO-MOROCCO School: Riemannian Geometry, pseudo-Riemannian Geometry and Mathematical Physics Marrakech Morocco [N/A]
2008/0518-23 Astro. Challenges in Particle Astrophysics Blois, France [N/A]
2008/0512-18 GR Gravitational Wave Advanced Detector Workshop (GWADW) Including VESF Scientific Meeting Elba, Italy [N/A]
2008/0512-16 QG Summer School New Paths Towards Quantum Gravity Copenhagen, Denmark [N/A]
2008/0507-09 QG Physics of the Universe: Implications of the Recent Observations Madrid, Spain [N/A]
2008/0415-18 Cosm. Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Asteroids to Cosmology, An International Symposium Chicago, USA [N/A]
2008/0412-15 Phys. APS 2009 April Meeting St. Louis, USA [N/A]
2008/0407-13 Astro. Observational campaigns of Solar System bodies Beijing, China [N/A]
2008/0328-29 HEP, J. LHC new physics [sg-l 4337] Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2008/0327-28 Phys. J. Numazu Workshop on Supernova EOS (SN-EOS 2008) Numazu, Japan [N/A]
2008/0327-29 Phys. ESF Exploratory Workshop on Astrophysical Tests of Fundamental Physics U. Porto, UK [N/A]
2008/0324-27 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2008 Spring Meeting Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2008/0322-26 Phys. J JPS: Japan Physical Society, 2008 Spring Meeting Osaka, Japan [N/A]
2008/0321-22 GR The 24th Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting SantaBarbara, USA [Feb22]
2008/0320-21 HEP, J. Recent Issues and Prospects on Quantum Theory KEK, Japan [N/A]
2008/0318-19 GR BritGrav 8: The Eighth British Gravity Meeting York, UK [N/A]
2008/0317-19 Phys, HEP 30 Years of Mathematical Methods in High Energy Physics RIMS, Kyoto [N/A]
2008/0315-22 Cosm. Rencontres de Moriond meeting devoted to Cosmology Valle d'Aosta, Italy [N/A]
2008/0312-14 GR, Cosm. KEK Cosmophysics Group Inaugural Conference: Accelerators in the Universe --Confrontation between High Energy Physics and Cosmophysics-- KEK, Japan [Jan31]
2008/0311-12 Cosm. Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, Opening Symposium Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2008/0307-08 GR Fourth Gulf Coast Gravity Meeting Oxford MS, USA [N/A]
2008/0306-07 Cosm. III Iberian cosmology meeting Lisbon, Portgal [N/A]
2008/0305-11 Astro IPM School and Workshop on Gravitational Lensing Techniques (ISGLT08) Tehran, Iran [N/A]
2008/0304-06 HEP, J. KEK Theory workshop 2008 KEK, Japan [N/A]
2008/0303-08 GR, QG ESF science meeting Quantum Gravity: Loops and Foams Zakopane, Poland [N/A]
2008/0303-05 Astro, J. Exo-Planets Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2008/0303-05 GR, Astro, J. Black Hole Magnetosphere Nagoya, Japan [N/A]
2008/0225-29 Cosm., HEP, GR Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Cosmology and Particle Physics Santa Barbara, USA [N/A]
2008/0218-22 Phys. J IAU Symposium 251: Organic Matter in Space Hong Kong, China [N/A]
2008/0215 Phys. J Data Analysis Tokyo, Japan [N/A]
2008/0210-15 Astro The second Kolkata Conference on "Observational Evidence for Black Holes in the Universe" Kolkata, India [N/A]
2008/0131-0201 GR South African Relativity Society Conference Cape Town, South Africa [N/A]
2008/0128-29 Cosm., Phys. Cosmology meets condensed matter London, UK [N/A]
2008/0124-29 GR APCTP Winter School on Black Hole Astrophysics 2008 : Computational Methods in Black Hole Physics and High Energy Astrophysics around Black Hole Daejeon & Pohang, Korea [N/A]
2008/0122-25 Astrophys The 12th International Conference and ANGLES Microlensing Workshop: In memory of Prof. Bohdan Paczynski Manchester, UK [Nov1]
2008/0121-25 Astro. The 12th International Conference and ANGLES Microlensing Workshop Manchester, UK [N/A]
2008/0115-25 HEP The 2nd Asian Winter School on Strings Theory Kusatsu, Japan [N/A]
2008/0112-14 GR, J Singularity and Space-time Tokyo, Japan [Dec16]
2008/0108-10 Astrophys APCTP-YITP Workshop on "Accretion and Outflow in Astrophysics and the second Korea-Japan Young Astronomers Meeting (KJYAM) YITP, Japan [Oct31]
2008/0107-12 GR, QG Non-perturbative Gauge Theories and Gravity Kolkata, India [N/A]
2007/1225-27 Astro, J Rironkon Symposium: Unsolved problems in Astrophysics Kyoto, Japan [Oct25]
2007/1217-21 GR, Cosm. International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology (ICGC-07) Puna, India [N/A]
2007/1214 GR, Astro. Astrophysics and Particle Physics with TeV Gamma Rays: Status and Future Leeds, UK [Dec10]
2007/1211-15 Astro Panoramic Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution: 1st Subaru symposium Hayama, Japan [Jun15]
2007/1203-07 GR JGRG17: The 17th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation Nagoya, Japan [Oct21]
2007/1202-08 Cosm 1st TTRR33 Winter school: Theoretical and Observational Cosmology Passo del Tonale, Italy [Nov05]
2007/1120-22 Astro Quasi-Periodic Oscillations and Time Variabilities of Accretion Flows YITP, Japan [Oct6]
2007/1115-17 GR, Astro, J High Energy Astrophysics and Gravitational Wave Tokyo, Japan [Nov2]
2007/1102-03 GR 2007 Midwest Relativity Conference St. Louis, USA [-]
2007/1022-25 GR Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone IV Punta del Este, Uruguay [-]
2007/1018-20 GR Myron Mathisson: his life, work, and influence on current research Warsaw, Poland [-]
2007/1017-19 Astro, J Supernova and Remnants[tennet5447] Tokyo, Japan [Oct8]
2007/1013-14 GR, J. Higher Dimensional Black Holes KEK, Japan [--]
2007/1003-04 Comp., J. Next Generation Super Computing Tokyo, Japan [-]
2007/1002-05 HEP Workshop on Next Generation Nucleon Deacy and Neutrino Detectos 2007 (NNN07) Hamamatsu, Japan [N/A]
2007/1001-05 Math Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks Rome, Italy [N/A]
2007/1001-05 Astro From Planets to Dark Energy: The Modern Radio Universe Manchester, UK [July1]
2007/1001-03 QM, Math Updating Quantum Cryptography 2007 Tokyo, Japan [-]
2007/0929-30 Astro., J. Dark matter and Garaxy structure Mie, Japan [-]
2007/0926-28 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2007 Fall Meeting Gifu, Japan [-]
2007/0924-30 GR Finsler extensions of Relativity Theory Moscow, Russia [-]
2007/0924-28 GR, HEP KIAS-YITP joint workshop String phenomenology and cosmology Kyoto, Japan [-]
2007/0924-29 Cosm. First Annual School of EU Network: "UniverseNet" - The Origin of the Universe Lesvos, Greece [-]
2007/0921-24 Phys. J JPS: Japan Physical Society, 2007 Fall Meeting Sapporo, Japan [-]
2007/0917-22 GR First Aegean Summer School Black Holes Lesvos, Greece [-]
2007/0917-21 HEP Quantum Field Theory under The Influence of External Conditions (QFEXT07) Leipzig, Germany [-]
2007/0910-14 GR Spanish Relativity Meeting Puerto de La Cruz, Spain [-]
2007/0910-14 Astro II INPE Advanced Course on Astrophysics: Compact Objects Brazil [-]
2007/0905-07 HEP, Phys, J Thermal Quantum Field Theory Kyoto, Japan [Jun30]
2007/0904-07 Cosm. Workshop: Initial Conditions in Cosmology Wuerzburg, Germany [-]
2007/0829-0901 GR VIII Asia - Pacific International Conference on Gravitation and Astrophysics (ICGA8) - For The 100th Anniversary of Hideki Yukawa and Promotion of Women Scientists - Nara, Japan [Jul27]
2007/0827-30 Cosm A Century of Cosmology: Past, present and future Venice, Italy [-]
2007/0821-25 Cosm Cosmo 07 Brighton, UK [-]
2007/0820-25 Cosm Gravitational Wave Astrophysics Yerevan, Armenia [-]
2007/0820-24 GR International Summer School on Theoretical Gravitational Wave Astronomy Bad Honnef, Germany [-]
2007/0816-18 Cosm 11th Paris Cosmology Colloquium "Dark Matter, Dark Energy, CMB and LSS: Understanding the Physics of the Universe" Paris, France [N/A]
2007/0809-11 GR Inaugural Conference for the Institute for Gravitation and Cosmology PennState, USA [N/A]
2007/0806-10 HEP, GR, J String Theory and Field Theory Osaka, Japan [N/A]
2007/0805-10 Astro Dynamics of Galaxies Pulkovo, Russia [N/A]
2007/0725-0810 HEP, Astro LHC - Cosmology interplay CERN, Switherland [N/A]
2007/0722-27 Cosm. Cosmology of Fundamental Interactions Bad Honnef, Germany [May31]
2007/0720-30 GR 4th Italian-Sino Workshop on Relativistic Astrophysics Pescara, Italy [-]
2007/0720 Cosm Higher Order Statistics in Cosmology Portsmouth, UK [-]
2007/0719-20 GR, HEP Low-Energy Quantum Gravity Workshopy York, UK [-]
2007/0716-20 Astro Galaxy growth in a dark Universe Heidelberg, Germany [N/A]
2007/0716-20 Math ICIAM07: 6th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics Zurich, Switherland [Mar31]
2007/0716-20 Math Galaxy growth in a dark Universe Heidelberg, Germany [Jan31]
2007/0713-17 GR, HEP Cosmology and Strings Workshop ICTP, Italy [N/A]
2007/0713-17 Astro, Edu, J Global Hands-On Universe Conference 2007 NAO, Japan [N/A]
2007/0709-11 Astro From IRAS to HERSCHEL/PLANCK: Cosmology with Infrared and Submillimetre Surveys London, UK [N/A]
2007/0708-14 GR 7th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves Sydney, Australia [Apr27]
2007/0708-13 GR 18th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation Sydney, Australia [Apr27]
2007/0708-13 Astro First Stars III New Mexico, USA [N/A]
2007/0702-07 GR PASCOS-07: 13th International Symposium on Particles, Strings and Cosmology London, UK [-]
2007/0702-05 GR Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory Moscow, Russia [-]
2007/0625-30 GR Loops 2007 Morelia, Mexico [-]
2007/0625-30 GR 10th Italian-Korean Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics Pescara, Italy [-]
2007/0625-29 GR 10th Capra meeting and workshop on Radiation Reaction Alabama, USA [-]
2007/0625-29 Astro SESTO 2007: Tracing Cosmic Evolution with Clusters of Galaxies: Six Years Later Sesto Pusteria, Italy [-]
2007/0625-27 HEP Nagoya Mini-Workshop "Chiral Symmetry in hot and/or dense matter" Nagoya, Japan [-]
2007/0611-15 GR From Quantum to Emergent Gravity: Theory and Phenomenology SISSA, Italy [-]
2007/0610-13 Phys, Astro from quantum to cosmos 2: space-based research in fundamental physics and quantum technology Bremen, Germany [Apr15]
2007/0607-08 Cosm. Cosmology wide wide-field imaging surveys of galaxies Tokyo, Japan [Apr15]
2007/0603-08 HEP International Nuclear Physics Conference 2007 Tokyo, Japan [-]
2007/0602-09 Astro ICSW 07 Dark energy and structure formation Tehran, Iran [-]
2007/0530-0601 GR Journees Tourangelles de Relativite Tours, France [-]
2007/0530-0601 GR Tenth Eastern Gravity Meeting and Saul Teukolsky 60th Birthday Symposium Cornell, USA [May25]
2007/0528-0601 GR 2nd VESF School on Gravitational Waves Cascina, Italy [Apr20]
2007/0528-30 GR, J Evolution of Spacetime and Matter at the beginning of the Universe Tokyo, Japan [May20]
2007/0520-26 GR Matter and Energy in the Universe: from nucleosynthesis to cosmology Chateau de Blois, France [N/A]
2007/0519-24 Geoscience, J Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2007 Chiba, Japan [N/A]
2007/0518-20 GR 12th Canadian Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics New Brunswick, Canada [N/A]
2007/0517-18 Q.I., Math The 16th Quantum Information Technology Symposium (QIT16) Kanagawa, Japan [Apr20]
2007/0517-18 Cosm. GR Physics of the Universe Confronts Observations Paris, France [--]
2007/0512-16 GR Black Holes VI Prince Edward, Canada [N/A]
2007/0510-12 GR The Hunt For Dark Matter: A Symposium on Collider, Direct and Indirect Searches Fermilab, USA [N/A]
2007/0510-12 GR Milan Workshop "Dynamics and Thermodynamics of blackholes and naked singularities" Milan, Italy [Mar31]
2007/0418-20 Astro The Nuclear Region, Host Galaxy and Environment of Active Galaxies: A Symposium to Celebrate the 60th birthday of Deborah Dultzin-Hacyan Huatulco, Mexico [-]
2007/0418 GR, J 5th DECIGO workshop NAO, Japan [-]
2007/0410-13 GR Bilbao encounter on new standard cosmology (BICOS 2007) Bilbao, Spain [N/A]
2007/0403-04 GR Britgrav7: The Seventh British Gravitational Conference Cambridge, UK [Mar19]
2007/0328-30 Astro., J. ASJ: Astronomical Society Japan, 2007 Spring Meeting Hiratsuka, Japan [-]
2007/0326-29 Cosm. Outstanding questions for the standard cosmological model London, UK [N/A]
2007/0325-28 Phys. J JPS: Japan Physical Society, 2007 Spring Meeting Tokyo, Japan [Dec3]
2007/0323-0403 GR The First Quantum Geometry and Quantum Gravity School Zakopane, Poland [N/A]
2007/0323-24 GR The 3rd Gulf Coast Gravity Meeting Alabama, USA [N/A]
2007/0319-23 Astro KITP conference: "Paths to Exploding Stars: Accretion and Eruption" UCSB, USA [??]
2007/0319-23 Astro The Next Decade of Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows Amsterdam, The Netherlands [Feb28]
2007/0322-23 Astro International Symposium on "Astronomy and Astrophysics of Extreme Universe" RIKEN, Japan [-]
2007/0316-17 GR 23rd Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting Caltech, USA [??]
2007/0314 Earth, J CAWSES(Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System) and IHY(International Heliospheric Year) Nagoya, Japan [??]
2007/0312-13 HEP, Astro, J Towards Astrophysics Labolatory Osaka, Japan [??]
2007/0311-18 GR Gravitational Waves and Experimental Gravity Val d'Aosta, Italy [??]
2007/0307 Astro, J. N-body Problem -- Mathematical methods Chiba, Japan [??]
2007/0306-07 Astro Space Exploration Symposium Kyoto, Japan [Mar05]
2007/0305-07 HEP, J Hadron Physics and String Theory, -- Hadron, Plasma and Black-holes KEK, Japan [-]
2007/0304-10 Astro 37th Saas-Fee advanced course of the Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy: The Origin of the Galaxy and Local Group Muerren, Switzerland [Nov30]
2007/0302-03 Astro, J Supernova and Neutrino Nuclear Reactions Osaka, Japan [-]
2007/0301-03 HEP, J KEKPH07 on Particle Physics Phenomenology KEK, Japan [-]
2007/0226-27 GR The Nature of Time: A Minisymposium on Lessons from the Foundations of Relativity and Quantum Physics Texas, USA [-]
2007/0225-0303 Astro. Cesare Lattes Meeting on GRBs, Black Holes and Supernovae Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [-]
2007/0223-25 Astro. Twenty Years after SN1987A Hawaii, USA [Dec20]
2007/0221-23 HEP, Astro. Astro Particle CPV in Topical Physics (APCTP) 2007 YongPyong, Korea [N/A]
2007/0221 GR LISA: Experimental and Theoretical Challenges London, UK [N/A]
2007/0220-22 Astro. Shock Formation under Extreme Environments in the Universe TIT, Japan [Feb15]
2007/0213-15 Astro, J. Black Hole Astronomy in the Suzaku era YITP, Japan [Dec15]
2007/0210 HEP, J. Recent Developments in Strings and Fields --- On the occasion of T.Yoneya’s 60th birthday --- Tokyo, Japan [-]
2007/0207-09 Astro, HEP 21st Century COE 6th Symposium on Neutrino Processes and Stellar Evolution Tokyo, Japan [-]
2007/0201-03 Astro. J Supernovae Conference 2007 Tokyo, Japan [Jan15]
2007/0129-0202 Astro. Winter school on "Astrophysical Black Holes" Hsinchu, Taiwan [Dec15]
2007/0119 Astro. 21 Century COE Workshop "Strongly Correlated Many-Body Systems" - from Neutron Stars to Cold Atoms - Tokyo, Japan [-]
2007/0116-18 Astro., J. New Frontier of Gamma-ray burst Kyoto, Japan [-]
2007/0106-08 GR, J. Workshop on Singularity Theorem and its around Tokyo, Japan [Dec11]
2007/0101-08 HEP 1st Asian winter school on String Theory, Geometry, Holography and Black Holes APCTP, Korea [Nov15]

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