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2018/1219-1221 Astro., J. 第31回 理論懇シンポジウム 「宇宙物理の標準理論:未来へ向けての再考《 YKIS [---]
2018/1217-1218 GR XI Black Holes Workshop Lisbon, Portugal [---]
2018/1212-1214 Phys Aotearoa Fundamental Physics 2018 Workshop - Observer-dependent entropy Victoria, New Zealand [---]
2018/1211-1212 GR, Astro. International Workshop on Dark Matter and Stars Lisbon, Portugal [---]
2018/1210-1215 GR, HEP Particles, Gravitation and the Universe Hanoi, Vietnam [---]
2018/1205-1206 GW (closed meeting) KAGRA 21st Face-to-Face meeting NAOJ [---]
2018/1203-1205 GW Travelling through Pedro’s universes: from Spectroscopy to Cosmolog Madrid, Spain [---]
2018/1201-1204 GW Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop: GWPAW 2018 College Park, USA [---]
2018/1119-1123 Cosm. HEP International Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics (CosPA 2018) Yangzhou, China [---]
2018/1112-1114 GW Fundamental physics with LISA Florence, Italy [---]
2018/1105-1109 GR JGRG28 [JGRG web] Rikkyo Univ. [---]
2018/1022-1026 Astro. The 8th East Asian Numerical Astrophysics Meeting, Tainan, Taiwan Tainan, Taiwan [---]
2018/1020-1021 GR, GW Foundational Problems of Black Holes and Gravitation Waves Munich, Germany [---]
2018/1015-1019 GW IV Jose Plinio Baptista School on Gravitational Waves Espirito Santo, Brazil [---]
2018/1008-1012 GW 3rd HEL.A.S. Summer School and DAAD School "Neutron Stars and Gravitational Waves" Thessaloniki, Greece [---]
2018/1007-1010 GW TGWG conference 2018 Taipei, Taiwan [---]
2018/0924-0927 GR The 5th Conference of the Polish Society on Relativity Wojanow, Poland [---]
2018/0924-0927 GR, Math Relativistic Quantum Information North 2018 Vienna, Austria [---]
2018/0920-0921 GR Energy conditions in quantum theory and gravity York, UK [---]
2018/0919-0921 Astro. J. 日本天文学会 秋季年会 APJ: Astronomical Society of Japan, 2018 Autumn Meeting 兵庫県立大学 [---]
2018/0919-0921 Cosm. Inhomogeneous Cosmologies III Krakow, Poland [---]
2018/0918 Astro. Neutron stars in the dawn of multi-messenger astronomy London, UK [---]
2018/0914-0917 Phys, J. 日本物理学会 秋季大会 JPS: Physical Society Japan, 2018 Fall Meeting 信州大学 [---]
2018/0910-0914 GR GRAVITY@Prague 2018 Prague, Czech Republic [---]
2018/0910-0913 GR European Einstein Toolkit meeting 2018 Lisbon, Portugal [---]
2018/0909-0915 GR Sigrav 2018 - Black holes: Theory and Observations Sardinia, Italy [---]
2018/0904-0907 GR Spanish-Portuguese Relativity Meeting 2018 Palencia, Spain [---]
2018/0904-0907 GW (closed meeting) LVC Fall meeting Maastricht, The Netherlands [---]
2018/0903-1214 Cosm. IHP Trimester 2018: Analytics, Inference, and Computation in Cosmology Paris, France [---]
2018/0903-0907 GR Summer School "The Black Hole Information Loss Paradox" Bremen, Germany [---]
2018/0903-0906 Cosm. Inflation, Alternatives and Gravitational Waves Workshop Ariel, Israel [---]
2018/0903-0907 QG Quantum Gravity meets Lattice QFT Trento, Italy [---]
2018/0902-0908 Cosm. Analytics, Inference, and Computation in Cosmology: Advanced methods Cargese France [---]
2018/0902-0908 Cosm. Cosmology and the Quantum Vacuum Benasque, Spain [---]
2018/0901-0914 GR YITP Molecule-type workshop: "Dynamics in Strong Gravity Universe" Kyoto [---]
2018/0830-0831 GW Dawn IV: Global strategies for Gravitational Wave Astronomy Amsterdam, NL [---]
2018/0824-0826 GW (closed meeting)20th KAGRA Face to Face Meeting Toyama, Japan [---]
2018/0820-0824 Math. 23rd International Summer School on Global Analysis and Applications Brasov, Romania [---]
2018/0819-0825 GR Sixth Bego Rencontre: IRAP Ph.D. school Nice, France [---]
2018/0813-0824 GW ICTS summer school on gravitational-wave astronomy Bangalore, India [---]
2018/0808-0810 GR International Conference on Modified Gravity 2018 (MOGRA 2018) Nagoya U. [---]
2018/0807-0810 Astro. Physics and Astrophysics at the eXtreme (PAX IV) Pune, India [---]
2018/0730-0803 HEP Hundred Years of Gauge Theory Bad Honnef, Germany [---]
2018/0723-0806 Astrophys ICTP-SAIFR School and Workshop on Dark Matter and Neutrino Detection Sao Paulo, Brazil [---]
2018/0716-0721 Cosm, GR Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation (BSCG-XVII) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [---]
2018/0716-0720 GR Einstein Equations: Physical and Mathematical Aspects of General Relativity Domodossola, Italy [---]
2018/0716-0719 GR Dynamical Horizons, Binary Coalescences, Simulations and Waveforms Penn State, USA [---]
2018/0714-0721 Phys. COSPAR 42 - Scientific Event H0.5 - Fundamental Physics in Space Pasadena, CA [---]
2018/0709-0713 GR The Cosmic Cycle of Dust and Gas in the Galaxy: from Old to Young Stars Quy Nhon, Vietnam [---]
2018/0708-0713 GW Twelfth International LISA Symposium [GWIC] Chicago, USA [---]
2018/0704-0712 GR, Astro., Cosm. Workshop on Frontiers in Gravitation, Astrophysics, and Cosmology Kolymbari Crete, Greece [---]
2018/0703-0706 Cosm. Data. Information Universe Conference Groningen, The Netherlands [---]
2018/0702-0727 GR Les Houches summer school on gravitational waves Les Houches, France [---]
2018/0702-0706 GW 2nd Institute of Space Sciences Summer School on "Gravitational Wave Astronomy" Barcelona, Spain [---]
2018/0701-0707 GR Fifteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity (MG15) Rome, Italy [---]
2018/0629-0630 GW (open meeting) The 4th KAGRA International Workshop KASI, Korea [---]
2018/0625-0629 GR Teleparallel Gravity Workshop Tartu, Estonia [---]
2018/0625-0629 GW 21st Capra meeting on Radiation Reaction in General Relativity Potsdam, Germany [---]
2018/0625-0629 Math. 7th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences Moscow, Russia [---]
2018/0624-0628 ? IGC@25: The Multimessenger Universe Penn State, USA [---]
2018/0620-0622 ? MetroAeroSpace2018 - Special Session on "Relativistic Metrology" Rome, Italy [---]
2018/0618-0622 GW Reduced order modeling for gravitational waves Potsdam, Germany [---]
2018/0618-0620 GR 2018 North American Einstein Toolkit Workshop Atlanta, USA [---]
2018/0618-0622 GR Quantum spacetime and the Renormalization Group Bad Honnef, Germany [---]
2018/0617-0624 GR, Math IX International Meeting on Lorentzian Geometry Warsaw, Poland [---]
2018/0615-0623 Phys Third IUCSS Summer School and Workshop on the Lorentz- and CPT-violating Standard-Model Extension Indiana, USA [---]
2018/0611-0622 GW Dublin School on Gravitational Wave Source Modelling Dublin, Ireland [---]
2018/0611-0620 Cosm. 2018 Rotman Summer Institute in Philosophy of Cosmology Goderich, Canada [---]
2018/0606-0607 GR AGR 2018 -- Atlantic General Relativity Conference and Workshop 2018 Antigonish, NS, Canada [---]
2018/0604-0615 GR The Sound of Spacetime: The Dawn of Gravitational Wave Science MITP Mainz, Germany [---]
2018/0604-0607 GR GEMMA (Gravitational-waves, ElectroMagnetic and dark MAtter) Physics Workshop Lecce, Italy [---]
2018/0603-0609 GR The Mathematics of Gravity and Light, Rhode Island, USA [---]
2018/0603-0609 GR Numerical Relativity beyond General Relativity Benasque, Spain [Apr10]
2018/0529 GW 7th Belgian-Dutch Gravitational Waves Meeting Groningen, The Netherlands [---]
2018/0528-0602 Astrophys. The Power of Faraday Tomography: towards 3D Mapping of Cosmic Magnetic Fields Miyazaki, Japan [---]
2018/0528-0529 Phys. Irish Quantum Foundations 2018 Dublin, Ireland [---]
2018/0524-0525 GR 21st Eastern Gravity Meeting Brooklyn, NY [---]
2018/0524-0525 Cosm. Niall Fest 2018 Cork, Ireland [---]
2018/0522-0525 QG Quantum fields, scattering and spacetime horizons: mathematical challenges Les Houches, France [---]
2018/0521-0525 Phys.. The 21st International Conference "Planck 2018 - From the Planck scale to the Electroweak scale" Bonn, Germany [---]
2018/0518-0520 GW (closed meeting)19th KAGRA Face to Face Meeting Osaka City Univ., Japan [---]
2018/0514-0515 ? Collabor8.2 Lancaster, UK [---]
2018/0514-0517 GR Fifth International Conference on the Nature and Ontology of Spacetime Albena, Bulgaria [---]
2018/0512-0517 GW GWADW 2018: Gravitational-Wave Advanced Detector Workshop Girdwood, Alaska [---]
2018/0514-0519 Cosm. Hot topics in Modern Cosmology — Spontaneous Workshop XII Cargese, France [---]
2018/0514-0517 Phys Fifth International Conference on the Nature and Ontology of Spacetime Albena, Bulgaria [---]
2018/0507-0509 GW 8th Iberian Gravitational Waves Meeting Palma, Spain [---]
2018/0423-0427 Cosm. The Third Zeldovich meeting Minsk, Belarus [---]
2018/0418-0419 GR. BritGrav18 Portsmouth, UK [---]
2018/0412-0413 Astro. GR. Neutron Stars Lisbon, Portugal [---]
2018/0409-0413 HEP Strings, Geometry and Black Holes - 23rd European String Workshop London, UK [---]
2018/0329 Cosm. Chalonge - De Vega Session: Cosmic Head News Paris, France [---]
2018/0326-0328 QG International Conference on Quantum Gravity Shenzhen, China [---]
2018/0322-0325 Phys, J. 日本物理学会 年次大会 JPS: Physical Society Japan, 2018 Spring Meeting 東京理科大学 [---]
2018/0319-0322 GW LVC Meeting: The LSC-VIRGO March Meeting Rohnert Park, CA, USA [---]
2018/0316-0317 GR 34th Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting Pasadena, CA, USA [---]
2018/0314-0317 Astro. J. 日本天文学会 春季年会 APJ: Astronomical Society of Japan, 2018 Spring Meeting 千葉大学 [---]
2018/0314-0316 GR, QG. Holography, Quantum Entanglement and Higher Spin Gravity II YITP, Japan [Feb18]
2018/0305-0309 QG Quantum Gravity on the Computer Nordita Stockholm, Sweden [---]
2018/0305-0307 GW Annual Area Symposium on GW genesis [New Innovative Area] Kashiwa, Tokyo U. [---]
2018/0219-0223 QG. Sixth Tux workshop on Quantum Gravity Tux, Austria [---]
2018/0219-0223 GR, Cosm. YKIS2018a Symposium: General Relativity - The Next Generation - YITP, Japan [Nov30]
2018/0219-0220 AstroBio. the 6th workshop on "Life in the Universe" TokyoTech, Japan [---]
2018/0215-0217 GR 8th Central European Relativity Seminar Brno, Czech Republic [---]
2018/0210-0212 Cosm. J. 新学術領域研究「なぜ宇宙は加速するのか? - 徹底的究明と将来への挑戦 -《シンポジウム 東北大 [Jan26]
2018/0205-0207 GW Physics and Astrophysics at the eXtreme (PAX) III Workshop State College, PA [---]
2018/0205-0206 GR Black Holes Are Forever Rio de Janiero, Brazil [---]
2018/0129-0309 GR, Cosm. YITP long-term workshop, Gravity and Cosmology 2018 YITP, Japan [---]
2018/0129-0131 GW GWASNe2018 -Towards Gravitational-Wave Astronomy of core-collapse SuperNovae- [Innov. C01] NAOJ., Japan [Jan10]
2018/0122-0124 GW Gravity@Malta2018 Valletta, Malta [--]
2018/0122-0123 QG Observers in Quantum Gravity Rome, Italy [--]
2018/0118-0119 Astro, J. ALMA 恒星ワークショップ: 我々はALMAで一体何ができるのだろうか? 東北大 [---]
2018/0115-0116 AstroBio. Astrobiology Center Symposium 2018 NAOJ, Japan [Jan 9]
2018/0108-0109 Astro, J. 「超巨大ブラックホール研究推進連絡会《第5回ワークショップ Tohoku U., Japan [Dec15]
2017/1228-1230 GR, J. 特異点研究会 大阪市立大 [---]
2017/1228 Astro, J. 電波天文学によるサイエンスの到達点と未来を俯瞰する NAOJ [---]
2017/1225-1227 Astro, J. 第30回 理論懇シンポジウム「星の物理の新地平《 U. Tokyo, Japan [Dec08]
2017/1220-1221 Astro International workshop on "Axion physics and dark matter cosmology" Osaka U., Japan [Nov15]
2017/1218-1219 GR X Black Holes Workshop Aveiro, Portugal [---]
2017/1217 Math, J. 「疎性モデリング《最終成果報告会[pdf] U. Tokyo, Japan [---]
2017/1215-1219 GR, QG. Black Holes: From Classical to Quantum Gravity Gandhinagar, India [---]
2017/1215-1216 CR, J. 2017年度第2回CRC将来計画タウンミーティング 東京大柏 [Nov30]
2017/1211-1215 Cosm., GR International Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics, CosPA 2017 YITP, Kyoto [Sep 30]
2017/1210-1216 Cosm. VII Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation, Punta Mita, Mexico [---]
2017/1207-1209 GW Innov. A0: Boot Camp Tohoku U., Japan [---]
2017/1205-1206 GW (closed meeting)18th KAGRA Face to Face Meeting Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan [---]
2017/1203-1208 GR, Astro. 29th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics Cape Town, South Africa [Aug25]
2017/1129-1201 GR VI Postgraduate Meeting On Theoretical Physics Valencia, Spain [--]
2017/1127-1201 GR JGRG27 Hiroshima Univ. [Oct17]
2017/1127-1130 GR The Ninth Australasian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation, Gingin, Western Australia [--]
2017/1124 GR Black Holes All Over Lisbon, Portugal [---]
2017/1123-1125 Nuc, J. 中性子星の観測と理論〜研究活性化ワークショップ 2017 NAOJ [---]
2017/1121-1123 Astrophys., J. 宇宙線研究所共同利用研究会 「ガンマ線バースト研究の新機軸《 ICRR [---]
2017/1120-1122 Nuc, J. KEK理論センター研究会 『ハドロン・原子核物理の理論研究最前線 2017』 KEK [---]
2017/1112-1118 Cosm. XIIIth School of Cosmology: The CMB from A to Z -- promises and challenges of the CMB as a cosmological probe Cargese, France [---]
2017/1025-1027 GR. CoCoNuT Meeting 2017 Garching, Germany [---]
2017/1022-1020 Phys. Fundamental Physics in Space Bremen, Germany [---]
2017/1016-1018 Theo. Kavli IPMU 10th Anniversary Symposium IPMU, Japan [---]
2017/1016-1020 GR Astro-GR@Barcelona 2017 Barcelona, Spain [---]
2017/1013-1014 GR Black Holes, Red Square, and Blue Waters: A Symposium in Honor of Edward Seidel’s 60th Birthday Mallorca, Spain [---]
2017/1012-1014 GR 27th Midwest Relativity Meeting Ann Arbor, MI, USA [---]
2017/1011-1014 GR European Einstein Toolkit Workshop 2017 Mallorca, Spain [---]
2017/0928-0930 GR, Astro, J. Blandford-Znajek (1977) 機構40周年記念  『上惑BZ77研究会:回転ブラックホールからの電磁気的エネルギー引き抜き』研究会 Shiga, Japan [rironkon:01246]
2017/0924-0927 GR The 4th Conference of the Polish Society on Relativity Kazimierz Dolny, Poland [---]
2017/0922-0923 GW Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy: Genesis Kyoto U., Japan [---]
2017/0918-0923 GR, Cosm. Summer School: "Enstein's Theory of Gravity and its Modifications: From Theory to Observations" Island of Sifnos, Greece [---]
2017/0918-0922 HEP XXXVIII Brazilian National Meeting on Particles and Fields Passa Quatro, Brazil [---]
2017/0918-0922 Astro. The Modern Physics of Compact Stars and Relativistic Gravity 2017 Yerevan, Armenia [---]
2017/0916 Astro. 天文文化研究会第16回例会 OIT, Osaka [---]
2017/0915 Astro, GR Observing Black Holes: From the Universe to the lab London, UK [---]
2017/0912-0915 GR The Spanish-Portuguese Relativity Meeting Malaga, Spain [---]
2017/0912-0915 Phys, J. 日本物理学会 秋季大会 JPS: Physical Society Japan, 2017 Fall Meeting 宇都宮大学 [---]
2017/0911-0915 Astro The third Landau-Dirac Ph.D training School dedicated to Supernovae Explosions and Gamma-Ray Bursts Cargese, France [---]
2017/0911-0915 Astro High-Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows VI Moscow, Russia [---]
2017/0911-0915 Astro Summer School: "Neutron stars: theory, observations and gravitational waves emission" Sofia, Bulgaria [---]
2017/0911-0913 Astro, J. 日本天文学会 秋季年会 APJ: Astronomical Society of Japan, 2017 Fall Meeting 北海道大学 [---]
2017/0910-0913 Math. International Meeting on “High-Dimensional Data-Driven Science” Kyoto [---]
2017/0905-0907 Astrophys, J. 高エネルギー宇宙物理学研究会 2017 YITP [---]
2017/0904-0915 Cosm. LCDM and Beyond: Cosmology Tools in Theory and in Practice Corfu, Greece [---]
2017/0904-0908 Cosm. IV Cosmology and the Quantum Vacuum Segovia, Spain [---]
2017/0904-0907 GR XXVI International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics Braga, Portugal [---]
2017/0904-0905 Cosm. LCDM and Beyond: Cosmology Tools in Theory and in Practice Corfu, Greece [---]
2017/0828-0901 GR Geometric Foundations of Gravity Tartu, Estonia [---]
2017/0828-0830 QF, J. 熱場の量子論とその応用 YITP [---]
2017/0828-0830 GW (closed meeting)17th KAGRA Face to Face Meeting Toyama U., Japan [---]
2017/0824-0826 GW Symposium on "New development in astrophysics through multi-messenger observations of gravitational wave sources" YITP, Kyoto [July 28]
2017/0817-0819 GR, Astro. eXtreme Matter meets eXtreme Gravity Workshop Montana, USA [---]
2017/0817-0818 GR Chrusciel-Fest: A panorama of GR Vienna, Austria [---]
2017/0814-0825 GR, Astro. Probing the dark sector and general relativity at all scales Geneve, Switzerland [---]
2017/0814-0817 Phys., Astro. Physics and Astrophysics at the eXtreme (PAX) Amsterdam, The Netherlands [---]
2017/0806-0808 Astro, J. 第31回天文教育研究会 2017年天文教育普及研究会年会 Kyoto [--]
2017/0804-0805 Astro, J. 第5回小型衛星の科学教育利用を考える会 Shizuoka [--]
2017/0731-0804 GR North American Einstein Toolkit School and Workshop Urbana, Illinois [---]
2017/0730-0805 GR Hot Topics in General Relativity and Gravitation Quy Nhon, Vietnam [---]
2017/0724-0728 GR 3rd Karl Schwarzschild Meeting - Gravity and the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence Frankfurt, Germany [---]
2017/0724-0726 Astro, J. 2017年度光学赤外線天文連絡会シンポジウム 「国際協力で実現させる2020年代の光学赤外線天文学《 NAOJ, Tokyo [---]
2017/0723-0805 GW 73rd Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics: Gravitational wave astronomy St Andrews, Scotland [---]
2017/0717-0721 GR Summer School "Between Geometry and Relativity" Vienna, Austria [---]
2017/0710-0818 GW Astrophysics with gravitational-wave detections Copenhagen, Denmark [Mar31]
2017/0710-0714 GR Probing the spacetime fabric: from concepts to phenomenology Trieste, Italy [---]
2017/0710-0721 GR XVI BSCG - Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [---]
2017/0703-0712 GW International School: "Gravitational Waves and Cosmology" Varenna, Italy [---]
2017/0703-0707 QG Loops'17 Warsaw, Poland [---]
2017/0703-0707 GR, Astro. International Conference on Gravitation : Joint Conference of ICGAC-XIII and 15th Italian-Korean Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics Seoul, Korea [---]
2017/0703-0707 GR Strong Gravity Universe Sao Miguel Island, Portugal [---]
2017/0702-0707 Cosm. Inhomogeneous Cosmologies Torun, Poland [---]
2017/0702-0705 GR Gravity and Black Holes Cambridge, UK [---]
2017/0627-0630 QG Conference on the Philosophical Foundations of Quantum Gravity Geneva, Switzerland [---]
2017/0626-0630 GW The Era of Gravitational-Wave Astronomy, XXXIIIth International Colloquium of the IAP Paris, France [May12]
2017/0625-0630 Astro. Fifth Galileo-Xu Guangqi Meeting Chengdu, China [---]
2017/0621-0623 GR 4th IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace, Special Session on "Relativistic Metrology" Padova, Italy [---]
2017/0620-0622 GR Non-regular spacetime geometry Firenze, Italy [---]
2017/0619-0623 QG School "Making Quantum Gravity Computable" Waterloo, Canada [---]
2017/0619-0623 GR 20th Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction in General Relativity Chapel Hill, NC, USA [---]
2017/0619-0622 GR New Frontiers in Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics Rome, Italy [---]
2017/0609-0610 GR 2017 Eastern Gravity Meeting PSU, USA [---]
2017/0603-0604 History, J. 日本科学史学会第 64 回年会 香川大学 [---]
2017/0530-0602 GR Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop (GWPAW) 2017 Annecy, France [---]
2017/0529-0601 GR Hyperbolic equations and mathematical physics Bordeaux, France [---]
2017/0528-0602 GR Atlantic General Relativity 2017 Conference and Workshop St. John's, Canada [---]
2017/0522-0524 GR, Astro The disc migration issue: from protoplanets to supermassive black holes Cambridge UK [Mar 5]
2017/0521-0522 GW The 3rd KAGRA International Workshop (KIW3) Taipei, Taiwan [---]
2017/0518-0520 GR 29th meeting of the Indian Association for General Relativity and Gravitation Assam, India [---]
2017/0515-0519 GR Fifth ICRANet Bego Rencontres – Gravitational Waves in the strong field limit – Nice, France [---]
2017/0515-0518 Phys. First Hermann Minkowski Meeting on the Foundations of Spacetime Physics Varna, Bulgaria [---]
2017/0515-0517 GW 7th Iberian Gravitational Wave Meeting (IGWM2017) Bilbao, Spain [---]
2017/0515-0518 SR First Hermann Minkowski Meeting on the Foundations of Spacetime Physics Varna, Bulgaria [---]
2017/0512-0513 Geo. IUCSS Workshop on Finsler Geometry and Lorentz Violation Indiana, USA [---]
2017/0509-0511 Astro. Workshop "Neutron stars and their environments" Caen, France [---]
2017/0507-0508 GR Mathematical Physics and General Relativity Symposium in Honor of Professor Ivor Robinson Dallas, Texas, USA [---]
2017/0501-0506 Cosm. Hot topics in Modern Cosmology: Spontaneous Workshop XI Cargese, France [---]
2017/0426-0428 Cosm. ICRANet-Minsk workshop on high energy astrophysics Minsk, Belarus [---]
2017/0424-0428 Cosm. Progress on Old and New Themes in Cosmology Avignon, France [---]
2017/0424-0428 GR Do Black Holes Exist? - The Physics and Philosophy of Black Holes Bad Honnef, Germany [---]
2017/0406-0407 GR The 17th BritGrav (British Gravity) Meeting Oxford, UK [---]
2017/0404-0407 GR Quantum Field Theory: Concepts, Constructions and Curved Spacetimes York, UK [---]
2017/0403-0407 GR Grav17 Cordoba, Argentina [Mar1]
2017/0403-0407 QG Quantum Gravity, String Theory and Holography YITP, Japan [---]
2017/0330-0401 QG Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone VII Punta del Este, Uruguay [---]
2017/0327-0331 Astro. NewCompStar Annual Conference 2017 Warsaw, Poland [---]
2017/0328-0330 GW (closed meeting)16th KAGRA Face to Face Meeting Niigata U., Japan [---]
2017/0327-0331 HEP Progress in Quantum Field Theory and String Theory II Osaka City U., Japan [Feb14]
2017/0327-0328 HEP, Cosm. Higgs Cosmology Chicheley Hall, UK [--]
2017/0323-0324 Astro, J. ミニワークショップ 「重力波天文学時代における広視野電磁波観測と多様な時間スケールを持つ突発天体現象《 山口大, Japan [tennet:14863]
2017/0320-0323 QG Quantum Gravity in Paris 2017 Paris, France [---]
2017/0317-0320 Phys, J. 日本物理学会 年次大会 JPS: Physical Society Japan, 2017 Spring Meeting 大阪大学 [---]
2017/0315-0318 Astro, J. 日本天文学会 春季年会 APJ: Astronomical Society of Japan, 2017 Fall Meeting 九州大学 [---]
2017/0313-0315 Phys. Sendai Workshop on Quantum Information Physics 2017 Sendai, Japan [---]
2017/0308 GW IXth Dutch - Belgian Gravitational Wave meeting Leuven, Belgium [---]
2017/0311-0312 Astro, J. 学術会議シンポジウム 「天文学・宇宙物理学のさらなる地平を探る《 Tokyo, Japan [tennet:14864]
2017/0306-0308 Astro, J. YITP workshop: 連星中性子星・ブラックホールを含む重力波源の電磁波対応天体 YITP, Japan [Feb3]
2017/0223-0224 Comp. The 7th AICS International Symposium Kobe RIKEN, Kobe [---]
2017/0220-0223 Astro. Origin and Diversity of Planetary Systems from the Microscope to the Telescope (JSPS Core-to-core program “Planet2” Symposium 2017) Villefranche Sur Mer (France) [---]
2017/0216-0218 GR 7th Central European Relativity Seminar Bremen, Germany [---]
2017/0220-0224 GR ESI Workshop: Geometric Transport Equations in General Relativity Vienna, Austria [---]
2017/0219-0222 Astro, HEP Quarks and Compact Stars 2017 YITP, Kyoto [----]
2017/0208, 0210 GW ELiTES: 5th general meeting Toyama U., Japan [---]
2017/0206-0207 GR Holography, Quantum Entanglement and Higher Spin Gravity YITP, Kyoto [Jan10, 2017]
2017/0125-0128 GR Testing Gravity 2017 Vancouver, Canada [---]
2017/0110-0112 GR Modern Developments in General Relativity and their Historical Roots London, UK [---]
2017/0109-0110 HEP Physics in LHC and early universe Tokyo U., Japan [---]

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